Toontrack Blues Guitar EZmix Pack Plugins Presets
50 amps – tailored for electric blues guitar.

When blues guitar shifted from primarily acoustic to electric in the post-war 1950s USA, it was the beginning of a revolution. Since then, nothing has been more influential on the development of guitar-driven music than the blues. Pioneers like Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters and Jimmy Reed not only paved the way for music where an instrument can carry as much of a voice as a vocal, but the twang of their amplified chords also laid the groundwork to an industry. Needless to say, we owe a lot to the blues – not least the guitar hero.
Sonic Core Scope Pci v5.1.2709 + Scope Sdk Pci v5.1 WiN

Hardware Processed Virtual Studio
The Virtual Studio for SCOPE XITE-1 and SCOPE PCI DSP-Boards comes with a rich Suite of hardware-processed DSP Plug-Ins.
kiloHearts Toolbox Ultimate v1.8.5 CE / v1.7.11 WiN MacOSX
Kilohearts Toolbox ULTIMATE includes all the snapin hosts to take full advantage of the snapins you now own. Experience the flexibility of endless combinations between the effects and the host plugins!

Moving outside of the snapin eco-system, all other Kilohearts' plugins still support the modular workflow in one way or another (except kHs ONE). That's why we created the Kilohearts Toolbox ULTIMATE which gives you eveything we ever released so you can get as creative as you like.
Venomode Plugins Bundle 2020.6 CE WiN

Complexer 2 v2.0.4 - Multi-Stage Dynamics
DeeQ v1.1.9 - Dynamic EQ
Lowtility v1.0.8 - Bass Utility
Maximal 2 v2.2.9 - Loudness Maximiser
Phrasebox v1.0.7 - Phrase Appeggiator
Pivot v1.4.8 - Tilt EQ
Arturia Synth Collection 2020.6 CSE WiN
One installer for:
ARP 2600 V3 v3.6.0
Buchla Easel V v1.6.0
CMI V v1.6.0
CS-80 V3 v3.6.0
CZ V v1.2.0
DX7 V v1.6.0
TBProAudio bundle 2020.7 CE WiN
AB_LM v1.6.12 - AB Loudness Match
AMM v1.0.11 - Automatic Microphone Mixer
CS-3301 v1.6.4 - Channel Strip
CS-5501 v1.4.5 - Extended Channel Strip
Zynaptiq ZAP Bundle v1.0.0 MacOSX
The UNbelievable Bundle
Restore your sound's natural frequency response with UNFILTER, remove reverb and masking effects with UNVEIL, get rid of the most objectionable types of codec/denoiser artifacts with UNCHIRP, and change the pitches inside of mixed music on the fly with PITCHMAP. All in real-time, a lightning fast workflow, and with award-winning quality. Add the cutting edge of audio processing to your toolkit with proven solutions no one else can match.
Audio Damage AD036 Dubstation 2 v2.1.1 WiN MacOSX
The original dub delay plugin and still the best! Dubstation 2 takes our most popular product and adds a whole raft of new features, including a dual mode for separate control over the left and right delay times, ping-pong, a new feedback saturation algorithm, and an LFO. Along with an all-new procedural and Retina-friendly user interface and (FINALLY!) ProTools compatibility, this represents a major leap forward for one of our signature products.
Waves Complete v11 29.06.20 WiN MacOSX
We are pleased to announce a new version of Waves plugins, Waves V11. Update to V11 to future-proof your sessions, ensure compatibility with the latest DAWs and operating systems (including MacOS 10.15 Catalina), enjoy plugin updates including new versions of the Renaissance plugins, get new plugins added to premium bundles, and more.

Future-Proof Your Sessions
n-Track Studio Suite v9.1.1.3650 WiN MacOSX
n-Track Studio 9 - A recording studio in your computer.
Introducing n-Track Studio 9. Studio quality recording, editing and mixing software. n-Track Studio brings you professional audio quality and easy workflow.

New in version 9
Version 9 has been completely redesigned, and introduces
new creative tools: VocalTune and Guitar & Bass amp simulators.
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