PSE: The Producers Library Computer Boss Vol.1 WAV
"Computer Boss - Vol. 1” contains synth-y beeps, glitches, and tonalities that range from retro to sci-fi to futuristic, and beyond. Use these one-shot and looped user interface sounds to add excitement to your EDM track, make use of their tonal qualities to inject brief melodic activity, or sequence rhythmic patterns to provide synthetic percussive energy.
PSE: The Producers Library Little Monkey WAV
"Little Monkeys” features characterful monkey vocalizations. Use these chitters, squeaks and chirps as a starting point for creative looping, pitching and processing, or drop the already-designed sounds straight into your track.


· 55 Chirping Vocalization Sounds
· 36 Designed Sounds

PSE: The Producers Library Computer Boss Vol.2 WAV
"Computer Boss - Volume 2” contains even more technological swells, scans, beeps and beyond. Featuring affirmation and denial tones, cyberpunk drones, telemetry scrambles and more, these sounds are ready to be dropped into your track as is for immediate UI satisfaction.

PSE: The Producers Library Chemical Expressions WAV
"Chemical Expressions” features the crackle, hisses and pops of dry ice as it interacts with water, metal, and beyond. Use the sizzles, snaps and dings to cut through your track with a sharp, frozen quality. Drop them in your timeline as is, or manipulate the sounds to unleash their sonic potential.

CyberLink Director Suite 365 v9.0 WiN
Video, Photo & Audio Editing Software for Creative Professionals. With eye-catching effects and powerful tools for video, photo, color, and audio editing, Director Suite 365 is the complete editing suite for content creators. Get everything you need to create polished, professional-looking visuals or artistic masterpieces all in one powerful and intuitive production workflow.

Professional and powerful video editing
Boom Library Creature Foley WAV
CREATURE FOLEY is the ultimate toolkit for all sound design tasks featuring impactful, wide-range, engaging and detailed movement. It offers an almost inexhaustible pool of actions, sizes, characteristics, materials and variations that will have you build and design complex scenes with ease. Containing over 19,000 sounds in total at a staggering 16 GB of content, this library is the biggest CREATURE FOLEY sound collection ever created.
JMG Sound Transmutator v1.0 WiN
A cross-fade effect can be useful but a simple blending of one material into another can be a bit boring. Fortunately, there's now Transmutator which brings transition between tracks, song parts or whole songs to another level of fun and creativity..

More than cross-fade
Transmutator is a cutting-edge tool that crossfades between two inputs in a multitude of exciting ways. Simply place the plugin on your track and feed a second track into its sidechain input. Then use the Mix dial to transition from A to B using various unique modes.
SoundFxWizard Particles WAV
Say Hello to Particles the new sonic weapon for creative sound designers, video makers, filmmakers and motion designers. A must-have sound effect library to give a sense of organic and hyper-realistic to your projects in a fast and creative way.

- 287 high quality pristine sound effects with an organic and granular taste divided into 6 categories.
- Stereo 24bit and 96khz for extreme pitch shifting and sound manipulation.
- BaseHead embedded metadata
Soundbox Impacts Risers and Drops 6 WAV
Impacts, Risers & Drops 6 is jam-packed with 3.84GB of ready to go, hi-quality production FX tools for your next killer production.

This latest offering boasts 900 amazing FX crafted for all genres and covers tempos ranging from 124 to 128 and 140BPM. In each of the BPM Synced folders you will find 300 loops split into 3 sections for ease of use. Loops are key labelled where necessary to save you time so you can craft the next dance-floor, radio-ready chart hit.
Luftrum Bioscape v1.0 KONTAKT
Bioscape is about making natural sounds come to life through transformation and motion. It is a multifaceted instrument for organic and moving textures, odd cinematic pulses, earthy risers and impacts, to skin-tingling ASMR sounds, strange effects and underscoring ambiences but Bioscape is also very suitable for subtle playable timbres, with atypical and elusive sounds ranging from resonant keys and textural pads to otherworldly harmonics. Tonality derives from the field recordings alone.
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