JTC Hybrid Masterclass Boxset Martin Miller TUTORiAL
Soft / Video Lessons 15-04-2019
JTC Hybrid Masterclass Boxset Martin Miller TUTORiAL
Likely the most in-depth and powerful hybrid picking course ever made, Martin Miller returns to walk you step-by-step through the absolute basics all the way to complete expressive freedom using his approach to hybrid picking! As this is a full course leading you from A to Z, it's strongly advised that you purchase the full box set so that you can work through the course in order (and benefit from a discounted price, too!). Each volume is also available individually if you would like to purchase in stages, but in order for the course to make sense, we recommend starting at Vol.1 and then working your way through to Vol.2, then Vol.3!

Martin Says 'I'm convinced that my hybrid picking masterclass is one of THE most in depth out there on the subject. You will get plenty of information whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro!

Over 3 volumes I'm going to be teaching you how I approach and utilise this technique in my own playing. We're going to have a look at the tonal and technical possibilities it has to offer, and how we practise those to put them in a musical context.

In volume one we'll be discussing the fundamentals of this technique in regards to single notes or lead playing. This volume comes with a huge PDF breakdown covering many topics from hand position and nails to tone etc. There's also a load of preliminary exercises demonstrated fast and slow to familiarise yourself with the technique.

Now, Volume 2 is all about patterns and exercises. We're going to be looking at how to incorporate hybrid picking into scale playing and pentatonic oriented playing. For that purpose I have created a huge amount of examples that provide many, many ideas for your lead playing that are going to boost your chops!

Volume 3 takes off where volume 2 ended; We're going to be looking at how to incorporate hybrid picking into arpeggio based playing. Now, once you feel that you have a good grasp on these patterns and exercises we'll be turning them into musical ideas by the way of a series of different licks. We'll be rounding things off with two solo examples that I've improvised, showing you how these things can be applied in a real life musical situation.

Each volume is available on it's own but I strongly advise you to check out [this] box set, as this is a full course leading you from A to Z and I suggest you work your way all the way through it.'

As you progress through each of the three in depth masterclass PDFs you will find a plethora of complete hybrid picking exercises fully tabbed out, with video/audio for every exercise (played fast and slow to help you break down and learn the techniques). Come the end of the course you will be perfectly prepared to tackle Martin's final 2 full solos, which you can practise over the 2 included back tracks. After this, it's time for you to step out into the spotlight by jamming over the 2 extended jamtracks, where you can put everything into practise by using the hybrid picking ideas from this complete course in your own solos!

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Next up comes 10 looped licks played at a faster and slower speed. These utilise a lot of the techniques and devices taught in the masterclass and are the main exercises for perfecting the concepts!

After this we have 5 slow licks that are extracts from the main solo. These are designed to allow you to practise 5 key moments from the main solo at a slow and isolated speed. This will let you really analyse Claudio's approach and help you to see in detail how he plays these lines.

Lastly, comes the full solo which will combine everything you've learned into one epic cinematic solo! This blazing trail of creative and provoking guitar lines will use all of the techniques, melodic devices and tension building techniques that Claudio has spoken about in the masterclass. Mastering this, is the final task before you tackle the full jam tracks in order to create your own epic cinematic solos! The unconventional harmonic approach to the backing track in this package really forces you to find interesting and new melodic ideas for your solos.

For the theory in this pack there is a focus on not only scales, but a second approach utilising triads + intervals as a base for improvisation. You will find aeolian, natural minor, dorian, melodic minor, harmonic minor and lydian scales, alongside diminished fragments, lots of arpeggio ideas and chromatics.

JTC Martin Miller Fusion Style Box Set JTC Martin Miller Fusion Style Box Set
Soft / Video Lessons 31-08-2016
Martin Miller's stock as a guitar hero has catapulted over the last few years and it's easy to see why. This is a guy who you can always learn a huge amount from as his playing always excites and always delivers. His Fusion licks are some of his more popular work, so we have combined all 3 lick package releases so far (including the Deluxe version of his Complete Fusion Toolkit series) so that you have everything you need to master the art of Fusion as well as Martins playing!

Containing a whopping 120 video files, 120 audio files, 20 deluxe breakdown lessons and full TAB/Notation and backings we have included EVERYTHING you need to learn and master the art of Fusion soloing!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master as well as backing tracks for you to practise every lick to, and jam out your own solos! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!

What you get

60 Original Fusion Licks
120 Lick Video Performances (60 Fast/60 Slow)
120 MP3 Audio Files (60 Fast/60 Slow)
20 Deluxe Video Lessons (For Complete Fusion Toolkit Licks)
Lick Backings
3 Full Jamtracks
Full TAB/Notation for each lick
Lick Notes
Udemy Country Guitar Picking Exercises TUTORiAL Udemy Country Guitar Picking Exercises TUTORiAL
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Guitar Alternate/Hybrid Picking Exercises - 30 Day Workout

Have you ever wanted to play an extended guitar solo but you hands just weren't up to the task? These picking exercises should build that speed and flexibility you need.

The Country Guitar: Picking Exercises course based on a 25 minute workout designed to build chops, endurance and accuracy over the next 30 days. 

This workout is based on a 25 minute routine (although if your short on time, you can 
modify as needed). 

There's a series of 24 examples to be played along with the provided mp3 drum tracks. Use the Daily Practice Log to track your speed and playing time over the 30 day period. This easily allows you to see your progress as you move through the course. 

This course borrows concepts from fitness programs (consistency/tracking) as well as from productivity methods like the Pomodoro Technique to help you get the most out of this workout. 

This is not a routine with just a bunch of boring scales, there are some really cool fun patterns that you can use to create your own licks and solos.

This course focuses on 5 different techniques:

Alternate Picking
Hybrid Picking
Banjo Rolls
and Licks