Amosdoll Music Piano From Zero To Pro Beginner Essentials To Play Piano TUTORiAL
This Piano Course is in the TOP 10 for "How To Play Piano" in Udemy's search engine!

Do you want to play all your favorite songs on the piano and be the center of attention?
PUREMIX Fab Dupont Mastering Case Study TUTORiAL
Mastering can be an elusive subject, but it doesn’t have to be. The streaming age has declared war on the loudness war itself with new LUFS standards, allowing you to maximize the dynamic range of your masters without compromising the size and punch of your mixes in order to stay competitive.
Groove3 Vengeance Avenger Explained TUTORiAL
Larry Holcombe reveals your new synth superhero, Avenger, from the good folks at Vengeance Sound. Go deep with Larry, learning the broad and finer details of this amazing synth, and see what it can do for your tracks and productions!

Larry begins with an overview of the synth, getting you familiar with its layout and controls. Youll then jump right in covering its Oscillators, Synthesis Options, Routing and Modulation features, Creating Waveform Shapes, Resampling, and Importing your own Wave files for an endless sonic palette.
Udemy Music Copyright For Producers Copyright Your Beats Today TUTORiAL
Learn how to copyright your beats TODAY in this short training on Music Copyright For Producers!

We will cover:

Music Copyright
How To Prove Ownership 
Step By Step How to Register Your Music
Lynda Premiere Pro CC 2018 New Features TUTORiAL Oct 2018
Explore the cool new features in the 2018 and 2018.1 versions of Adobe Premiere Pro. In this course, Rich Harrington covers the April 2018 additions to Premiere Pro CC as well as noteworthy features from the previous release. Rich reviews color correction enhancements, such as the Video Limiter effect and Auto Color matching, and workflow improvements, including Auto Ducking, Match Frame, and changes to markers and dip transitions. Plus, learn about UX changes, such as the new Timecode panel and the Essential Graphics browser, which allows you to create titles and motion graphics right in Premiere Pro. Rich also reviews new video formats and encoding options, publishing tools, labels, project management tools, and virtual reality features like VR headset integration and new VR effects and resolves. 
SkillShare MuseScore (Part 2) Menus Navigation and Customizations TUTORiAL
MuseScore is a FREE music notation software that you can use to write sheet music.

Because of its built-in playback feature, the program is also a great tool for music composers.
SkillShare Logic Pro X Chainsmokers Side Effects Tutorial in Logic Pro X TUTORiAL
How to make Chainsmokers Side Effects in Logic Pro X. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make this track from scratch in Logic Pro X with mostly stock plugins. The project file is included with this course.
Udemy Learn Omnisphere 2.5 The Power Synth TUTORiAL
Welcome, and congratulations for choosing to dive into Omnisphere. You are about to learn and master the foundations of one of the greatest and most powerful software instruments of all time. The version used in this course is Omnisphere 2.5.
SkillShare MuseScore (Part 3): Entering notes rests and more / Editing your score TUTORiAL
MuseScore is a FREE music notation software that you can use to write sheet music.

Because of its built-in playback feature, the program is also a great tool for music composers.
Ask Video Pro Tools 103 Recording and Editing Audio Video TUTORiAL
Avid’s Pro Tools is considered by many as the industry standard for digital audio production. Learn the power of audio recording and editing using Pro Tools in this course by expert trainer Joe Albano!

Recording and editing audio with any DAW can be complex, and Pro Tools is no different. There are so many tools and features you need to master to do it right. In this course, Pro Tools expert Joe Albano, covers everything you need to know to record and edit audio like a "pro”… with Pro Tools!
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