Truefire Adam Levy Trading Solos Folk Jazz TUTORiAL
Interactive Video Jam Session with a Top TrueFire Artist
In Adam Levy's Folk Jazz edition of Trading Solos, you'll trade solos with Adam over five frequently encountered folk-jazz grooves, in a variety of keys and feels including a half-time shuffle in Db, a 12-bar progression in 6/8 in the key of A, a laid-back 4/4 feel in the key of A major, an upbeat country groove in the key of E major, and a mid-tempo ballad in the key of E.
Truefire Ariel Posen The Electric Storyteller TUTORiAL
Interactive Video Masterclass for Electric Guitar
The art of crafting a compelling guitar solo is not just about scales, arpeggios, or technical skills on the fretboard. Of course, these are all important tools to master, but a truly memorable solo moves the listener by telling a story.

The Electric Storyteller, Ariel Posen's insightful video masterclass for guitarists, presents a wide range of creative approaches for crafting compelling, engaging solos over a variety of feels, tempos, and keys.
Truefire Rob Garland Take 5 Modal Improvisation TUTORiAL
Unlock The Improvisational Firepower of Using Modes
Understanding modes and how to unlock their improvisational firepower gives you more melodic options and a wider palette of colors at your fingertips. There is a lot of modal confusion out there, but in Take 5: Modal Improvisation, Rob Garland simplifies the process, helps you quickly understand the modes, and gives you 5 unique applications that will show you the way they can be used to bring your soloing to life.
Ask Video Elektron 108 Overbridge 2 TUTORiAL
Overbridge 2 lets you integrate your Elektron hardware with a computer for maximum creative flexibility. Discover this free standalone app and plugin in this course by Elektron specialist Thavius Beck.
Music-Prod FL Studio 20 Music Production In FL Studio for Mac and PC (Update 06.2020) TUTORiAL
In This FL Studio - Learn Music Production in FL Studio for Mac & PC, I will show you how to manage FL Studio in just one day. Did you know that FL Studio is now supported by both Windows & Mac?

We're going to cover everything from how you download FL Studio, to choosing the right version for your needs, as well as going in depth to the software. This course is perfect for beginners!
Udemy How to Make a Mashup and Edit Songs for DJing using Ableton TUTORiAL
Mashups and original edits fill the gap between production, DJing, and mixtapes. These Ableton skills are essential.

What you'll learn

Students will learn how to use Ableton to create original mashups and edits of songs for live (DJ) use as well as for mixtapes and radio shows.
Udemy How to Compose Relaxing Music TUTORiAL
Learn and Master Relaxing Music Composition

What you'll learn

My Best Guidelines, Practical Tips & Tricks on Relaxing Music Composition
The Sounds & Elements of Relaxing Music
The Playing Styles & Variation of Relaxing Music
Producertech Advanced Bass Music Production Techniques 2 TUTORiAL
With its gigantic basslines and seriously heavy beats, Bass Music is regarded as amongst the most challenging genres to produce, requiring a substantial amount of knowledge and technical precision. Thankfully, one of the top producers in the field, Seppa, has returned to the Producertech community to deliver his second set of tutorials on Advanced Bass Music Techniques, sharing his accumulated experience from the last 12 years of producing professionally, so help is very much at hand!
MixWithTheMasters Deconstructing A Mix 26 Philippe Zdar Phoenix Lisztomania TUTORiAL
Filmed at Motorbass studio in Paris, this unique series explores the work of Philippe Zdar. The Grammy-winning engineer, producer, and DJ challenges himself to remix the 2009 mega-hit 'Lisztomania' by the French band Phoenix! Zdar takes you through his workflow, showing the gear he uses, discussing his monitor choices, and rationalising his love for mixing on a console. 
Ask Video Melodyne 101 Melodyne 5 Explained and Explored TUTORiAL
When it comes to pitch manipulation and time correction, Celemony's Melodyne 5 is so good it's magical. Watch this course now, and get ready to master Melodyne's powerful features with trainer and audio engineer Joshua Carney.

With its sophisticated algorithms, Melodyne makes it possible to manipulate pitch, time, note length, attack time, formant shift and more in a very transparent way, with little or no audio artifacts.
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