Letsynthesize Noisia Style Neuro Drum and Bass Start to Finish TUTORiAL
Noisia has been in the scene since 1998 and always known by their exceptional sound design. The Dutch trio has made tons of records in various styles like dubstep, downtempo, house but more importantly: Neuro Drum and Bass or in other words Neurofunk.

Their sound is very unique: aggressive, distorted and twisted and very hard to replicate. This is why most of the producers go crazy to know their secrets of their sound design tips, tricks, drum processing knowledge, stereofield wizardy and mixdown awsomeness.
Noiselash Automatic Fans Get Automatic Spotify Fans TUTORiAL
The New Music Marketing Blueprint To Generate Streams And New Fans On Autopilot, Every Single Day

Learn how to put in place your 'automatic fans machine' that generates new fans and streams everyday (even while you sleep) without a huge budget or support from a record label

What is ''Automatic Fans''?
789TEN The Loopers Producer Pack WAV DAW Templates TUTORiAL
The LOOPERS producer pack is brimming with fresh modern sounds and techniques used in his past and upcoming tracks.

The producer pack comes with essential LOOPERS techniques, pristine sounds, and a surprising bonus.

In this HD tutorial, learn first hand from LOOPERS production tips and tricks as he makes a track from the beginning. Follow along as the tutorial is done mostly with samples and presets provided to you in the producer pack, there is a small section at the end of the tutorial when he experiments with some samples from splice. 
Packt Hands-On Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 TUTORiAL
Explore Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 today! Learn editing, color correction, audio mixing, SFX, animation, and more!

Perform video editing efficiently and quickly
Give your videos a professional look by employing stabilization
Apply color correction effects to adjust the appearance of your video clips
Work with the Essential Graphics Panel to create your own customized titles
Add an impressive graphic or logo to your own brand
Utilize the Premiere Pro sound panel to perform audio mixing and add SFX
Export your final commercial video for distribution and delivery
Ask Video Launchpad Pro 101 Launchpad Pro The Video Manual TUTORiAL
Novation's Launchpad Pro is a powerful 64-pad MIDI grid controller that can be used with Ableton Live or with external hardware. Learn to create and perform with Novation's flagship controller, in this course by artist and producer Rishabh Rajan.

The Launchpad has been around for over 10 years and it's one of the most popular hardware controller for Ableton Live. The new Launchpad Pro MK3 now introduces many new features, including a four-track internal sequencer that can be used to work standalone with external hardware synths. In this 24-tutorial course, artist and producer Rishabh Rajan explains and explores every feature of this amazing controller.
Udemy Bo Arise How to make a Drake type beat for Beginners in Fl Studio 20 TUTORiAL
This course is about how to make a Drake Type beat in Fl Studio. It will go over everything you need to make a full beat in Fl Studio. We will be focusing on the Drake OVO sound and building a beat that sounds good. There is also a section on mixing a mastering.
Sonic Academy Dirty Tech House with Ekoboy TUTORiAL
Here at Sonic Academy we're proud to welcome back Vangelis Kostoxenakis aka Ekoboy for a brand new 'How To Make' course in Dirty Tech House.

Building this track from scratch with no pre-made plans this 3-hour course takes you on the full journey from start to finish showing Vangelis' methods and ideas laid bare.
Groove3 Dorico 3 The New Features Explained 3.1 Update TUTORiAL
Doug Zangar delivers a detailed Dorico 3 video tutorial series! Learn all about the new features added in Dorico version 3.1 and how to use them when crafting your musical scores. This series is for users who already know how to use Dorico 3 and want to learn about the new features and options added to version 3.1.

Doug welcomes you and gives an overview of all the numerous small, but useful improvements in the Dorico 3.1 update. He then jumps in with videos on the improvements made to the Condensing Change window as well those found in the Notation Options and Engraving Options window.
Groove3 Cubase Creative Sound Design TUTORiAL
Cubase wiz Gary Hiebner shows you interesting and inspiring ways to create new sounds with Cubase! These videos are designed for those already familiar with Cubase and want to learn how to use Cubase's built-in features and functions, instruments and effects to create a wide range of sounds and effects perfect for any production.

Gary greets you and starts off by showing you the ins and outs of Retrologue and how you can use it to create your own custom percussive, pad and lead sounds for your songs. Then it's on to building a cool Sidechained Synth sound, followed by how you can re-synthesize a sound using the powerful Padshop virtual instrument.
audioprolabs Los Secretos de Waves TUTORiAL
Sin duda Waves es estándar en la industria musical y sus Plugins han sido utilizados por innumerables productores e ingenieros de sonido, y su sonido se escucha casi en toda grabación o producción moderna. En este video tutorial nos vamos a centrar en las características y explicar a fondo las opciones disponibles de los plugins más utilizados de esta compañía, como por ejemplo los compresores de Renaissance, la serie de Utramaximizer, las emulaciones analógicas de PuigTec, CLA-76 y mucho más.
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