Udemy How to use Slash Chords To Create Unique Sounds and Basslines TUTORiAL
Piano course that teaches how to use Slash Chords on the Piano in various ways (e.g. to create unique basslines).

This course is part of my music series courses. However, it is not a prerequisite for you to have taken any of my other courses in order to take this course. My 10-Part Series Music Courses include the following Courses:

"How to play Piano - Go from a Beginner/Intermediate to a Pro" Course
"Intermediate to Advanced Piano Course; Become a Top Pianist" Course
"How to create unique/colourful Piano Chord Progressions" Course
"How to compose Beautiful & Catchy Melodies on the Piano" Course
"How to use Slash Chords to create unique sounds & Basslines" Course
"Train your ears to recognise Scale Degrees & a Song's Key" Course
"Learn to Read & Write Music to play Piano & more instruments" Course
Udemy Create a Music Production Template in Logic Pro X TUTORiAL
How to make your own Logic Pro X Template for Music Production, Music Composition, Mixing & Mastering.

Hello Logic Pro X users, Mike here. In the following guide I will share with you my complete process of setting up your own Master Project Template for Music Composition and Music Production in Logic Pro X.

If you have a well crafted project template in Logic Pro X, you will have an amazing way to speed up the start of a new track, and your workflow when composing, producing, mixing, mastering etc.

What you will learn:
Udemy Video Game Music Composition / Production TUTORiAL
This course is designed to be extensive as possible to get you started producing music for yourself or your soon to be clients!

Welcome to one of the first online composition courses that fully immerses the students into the world of video game music with a Project Based design and interactive lectures.

This course will eventually cover every game type with no prior experience required. You'll learn all the skills and abilities you need to come out of this course a competent composer.
Skillshare Create your own Brand For Creatives and Artists TUTORiAL
Start Creating your own Professional Brand

Imagine having your own brand, that will benefit you incredibly much on your creative journey as an artist. 
Ask Video Cubase 10 501 Studio Series Recording Guitars TUTORiAL
How do you best record great sounding guitar and bass tracks with Steinberg’s Cubase? Join guitarist and audio engineer Joshua Carney in this in-action course to learn how it’s done!

Recording guitar is both an art and a science... the trick is to achieve the perfect blend between the two! In this advanced course, Cubase expert Joshua Carney shares the creative and technical secrets you need to know to record great guitar tones and edit perfect takes... every time!

Joshua starts the course by covering important technical concepts you need to understand, such as DI, signal levels and impedance. He demonstrates how to record and edit DI electric guitars, and he explains how to get the exact tone you’re looking for using Cubase’s extensive list of modelled amps, cabs, mics and pedals. Recording and editing bass is also explained and demonstrated.
Ask Video Universal Audio 101 UA In Action Bass and Drums TUTORiAL
Universal Audio’s UAD V8.0 plugins are here and so is expert mixer Rich Tozzoli to show us how he uses them "In Action”! Learn the secrets of how to make your rhythm tracks really rock, in this example-filled course.

The UAD V8.0 plugins are the platinum standard for producers, recordists and pro audio mixers the world over. In this course, pro surround mixer and music producer Rich Tozzoli, shows you how he uses EQs, compressors, amp simulators and other plugins to make his drums and bass tracks sound their best.
Ask Video Universal Audio 102 UA In Action RTs Guitar FX Workshop TUTORiAL
What happens when you use Universal Audio plugins on the guitar? You get killer crunch, authentic amps and beautiful crystal clear, shimmering acoustics. Watch this course and see it all in action!

The guitar is the premiere instrument in most, pop, rock, indie and singer/songwriter tracks. Universal Audio plugins, when you know how to use them, can make guitar tracks really stand out from the crowd. In this course, by Grammy nominated guitarist/producer Rich Tozzoli, you see UA plugins in action as he applies them to enhance and elevate the sound of his Pro Tools guitar tracks.
Lynda Banjo Lessons with Tony Trischka 3 Playing Songs TUTORiAL
Learn how to play banjo with United States Artists Friends Fellow and multi-Grammy nominee Tony Trischka. For more than 35 years, Tony has inspired and instructed countless bluegrass and acoustic musicians. Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else you can carry your instrument and your learning device. This 4-part definitive video library includes hundreds of banjo lessons and performances, plus banjo tabs, backing tracks, and other study materials. Part 3 gives you next-level intermediate skills for playing almost any song, as well as improving your repertoire and playing backup. Learn to incorporate harmonics, tune your bridge placement, play in a melodic, scaled-based style, and use Tony's tips to break through periods of stagnant playing, such as transcribing tunes you already know and transposing songs into different keys. Along the way, he introduces a variety of popular bluegrass, folk, and blues tunes, including "Banks of the Ohio" and "Worried Man Blues. "Note: This course was recorded and produced by ArtistWorks. We are honored to host this training in our library.
Groove3 Omnisphere 2 Explained v2.6 UPDATE TUTORiAL
Eli Krantzberg returns with a new series on Spectrasonic's flagship virtual instrument, Omnisphere 2. In this comprehensive series, Eli covers every aspect of this powerful and versatile instrument, as well as teaching you how to use it creatively!

Updated for v2.6! Eli Krantzberg presents the most comprehensive video tutorial series on Spectrasonic's Omnisphere 2. In this comprehensive series, Eli covers every aspect of this powerful and versatile instrument, as well as teaching you how to use it creatively, plus new videos on the 2.6 update features and functions. 
Udemy Music Production Designing Audio Logos TUTORiAL
Understand what goes into the music production of building up an audio logo for a brand and giving it a sonic identity

Boost Your Brand by Creating an Audio Logo Music Production

Tap into the niche market of creating Audio Logos. In this course from composer/sound designer Gary Hiebner will guide you through the music production process on how to create your own audio logo within your respective DAW’s. This will cover creating your own sound effects, such as hits and whooshes. Then onto how create tonal and sequencer patterns to build up memorable chords and melodies in your logo. And finally he’ll show you how to mix, master, and export out the audio and embed it to the video logo.
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