MyMixLab Mid Side Mixing TUTORiAL
In this 3 part series, 3x Grammy Mixing & Mastering Legend Luca Pretolesi takes you through his process of mid / side processing for mixing, and mastering in Studio One. The techniques learned in this course can be used technically to fix or enhance your song, or can be used as a creative tool for tonal shaping and sound design. Additionally, Luca shares his personal mixing and mastering presets from this course, and they are available below to download. Plugins used in this course include: FabFilter Pro-C, FabFilter Pro-Q 3, and FabFilter Saturn 2
MyMixLab Henry Fong Hybrid EDM Mixing TUTORiAL
DJ Henry Fong is known for creating some of the biggest festival bangers in EDM year after year. Henry Fong's music has been supported by the biggest DJs in the industry and his touring career has reached every corner of the globe. His signature reggae influences make his music instantly recognizable and unique. In this course Henry Fong opens the Ableton session from his latest single "BOOM" featuring Common Kings to share his personal workflow and plugin settings for processing EDM styled Reggae tracks 100% in the box. Watch all four parts to learn how to process guitars, drums, bass, vocals, and master chain.
MyMixLab How To Mix Hip Hop in FL Studio TUTORiAL
Reid Stefan Realest Puppet In The Game mixing and mastering a Hip Hop track in FL Studio. This course covers Reid's workflow, template, and signature plugin settings for mixing Synths, Drums, 808, Vocals, and Mastering using FL Studio 20, Slate Plugins, Fabfilter, UAD, and T-Racks.

Reid Stefan
4 Videos 30:34
8 Preset Downloads

MyMixLab Basics of Compression TUTORiAL
Compression is one of the most fundamental processes in audio. It not only controls the level of your sound, but adds unique tone and shape. To better understand compression we invited a guest teacher to break it down into it's simples form. DJ Freefall is one of Luca Pretolesi's longtime personal students from Orlando Florida USA, and in this course DJ Freefall explains the beginner basics of compression, threshold, ratio, attack, release, knee and more!
MyMixLab How To Mix House Drums TUTORiAL
House Legend Jon Kong shares his personal workflow for mixing techno drums in Logic Pro. This tutorial covers which elements drum to approach first, how to sculpt a perfect kick, multiband transient shaping, bringing each element to life using creative compression, processing techniques with various EQs, when and how to apply analog and mid/side saturation, and creative tremolo techniques to add movement to your high end information. How To Mix House Drums and other stuff by MyMixLab you can download from Join and enjoy! Additionally, Jon shares his personal mixing presets from this course, and they are available below to download.

MacProVideo Logic Pro X 107 Logic Remote TUTORiAL
Logic Remote is Apple's FREE companion app to control both Logic Pro X and GarageBand. See how Live Loops come "alive" when paired with Logic Remote. Join Logic certified trainer Nigel Broad in this course to learn all about it!

If you're a Logic user and have an iOS device, Logic Remote is a must! But what is a Logic Remote? A control surface? A MIDI controller? A dynamic Smart Help manual? It's all of those, and more! In this course, by trainer and Logic expert Nigel Broad, you learn how to get the most out of Logic's and GarageBand's companion app. There's going to be nothing left uncovered... from setup to mixing and even performance techniques using Touch Instruments, Live Loops and Remix FX.
Giuseppe Ottaviani Producer Masterclass 2020 TUTORiAL
Giuseppe Ottaviani is a musician who has long been regarded as 'the producer's producer': a man renowned for sonically superior recordings and the hit-rate to substantiate them. Simply, with Giuseppe, music comes before all.

Giuseppe's grouped the course into 8 chapters, comprising of 100 individual videos, which run over 13 Masterclass hours. Giuseppe discusses initial inspirations and how to approach melody, drums, bass and the fundamental aspects of track composition. He also shares his experience in mixing and mastering, whilst giving clear insights (all subtitled in English) into his arguably peerless work approach.
Truefire Brook Robertson 30 Fingerpicking Patterns You Must Know TUTORiAL
Most guitar players know at least a couple of fingerpicking patterns such as a simple Travis picking pattern or maybe just arpeggiating the chords with their fingers. Fingerstyle players tend to have more fingerpicking patterns at their disposal to use as rhythmic tools supporting the harmony and melody of the tune they're playing.

This collection of 30 versatile fingerpicking patterns from Brooks Robertson will significantly expand your vocabulary of patterns to provide you with a much wider range of creative options for accompaniment, arrangements, and composing your own original songs. Learning these patterns is also your gateway to developing the various techniques necessary to play fingerstyle guitar across all styles.
Truefire Brad Carlton Guitar Lab Fretboard Visualization Vol.2 TUTORiAL
Welcome to Guitar Lab: Fretboard Visualization Vol. 2. In this group of lessons, we'll view the various harmonies that reside in the Ionian and Dorian modes. This will be accomplished by thinking of each chord formula as a subset of the scale.
Truefire Brad Carlton Guitar Lab Arranging For The Guitar Vol.2 TUTORiAL
I have wanted to do this for a long time. This course is an actual live video lesson with an advanced student of mine. I am always "in the moment " when I teach, so you will get to witness what it would be like to study with me one-on-one.
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