Udemy Mastering Cubase 9 Deep House Production TUTORiAL
Learn the Theory behind Electronic Music Production covering everything from House Music Theory to Mixing and Mastering

The Mastering Cubase 9 Series are dedicated to one of the most popular and powerful DAWs available today.

Join me to learn EVERYTHING you need to get up and running fast on Deep House Music with these in-depth Cubase 9 video tutorials.

In this first edition of the Deep House Production mini-series I've managed to collect all the theory necessary for you to take on the deep house world.
Sonic Academy Understanding Sampling with Protoculture TUTORiAL
This week we are joined once again by Nate Raubenheimer aka Protoculture and Shadow Chronicles for an in-depth look at the world of sampling.

This 3-hour course will help you get to grips with setting up a template in your DAW for adding multiple samples so you can get accurate and realistic results when mapping them across your keyboard.

From different notes and different velocity strikes of percussion or strings to round robins Nate shows the importance of taking your time in getting everything set up correctly so your workflow is super smooth going forward achieving realistic and playable results.
Udemy Make Professional Trap Beats TUTORiAL

After This Course You will able to create you're own TRAP BEATS easily

COURSE STARTS OFF WITH easy explanation for begginers and draws pathway for you to know where to improve in the future

We will learn how to make HARD DRUM BEATS Instantly and how to get a hard bop that gets rappers flowinng.
Elephorm Maitrisez La Reverb TUTORiAL
Dans ce cours vidéo de techniques en audio-numérique, vous apprenez à maîtriser les effets de réverbération et de delay dans le contexte du mixage musique ainsi qu'à reproduire les techniques des plus grands ingénieurs du son. Vous êtes accompagné par Xavier Collet, ingénieur du son, designer sonore indépendant et compositeur. Vous abordez d’abord dans ces tutoriels vidéos les aspects théoriques des techniques de reverb afin de bien comprendre le phénomène acoustique de réverbération. Comment se forme le phénomène vibratoire, quels sont les différents types de réflexions, le rapport son direct / son réverbéré ? Puis vous apprenez les aspects pratiques de la réverbération : comment régler une réverbération algorithmique, à convolution et leurs nombreux paramètres : le pré-delay, les réflexions précoces, la diffusion, la modulation, la largeur stéréo... Et surtout comment l’utiliser dans des applications courantes pour donner de la profondeur et de la perspective à vos sons, ou encore modifier le timbre d’un instrument. Vous voyez enfin comment régler la réverbération sur de nombreux instruments tels que les percussions, la voix, les choeurs, une guitare électrique ou acoustique.
SkillShare Summary of Music Theory for Beginner Guitarists TUTORiAL
First watch the class called "Beginner Guitar: You Only Need 6 Chords" if you haven't already.

This class will build on those concepts and teach you more specifically how to move your favorite songs into the easy key of G major so that you only need to know 6 chords to play any song you want.

Project Description

For practice, write out the summary of music theory concerning 8 notes and 8 chords in your own words.
Sonic Academy Making Better Drums with Enamour TUTORiAL
Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back Washington based Progressive House sensei Enamour for a new masterclass in How To Make Better Drums.

These 8 videos are packed full of pro secrets, tips and tricks to help you create the finest sounding beats.

Starting with Enamour's process for the all-important kick, we carry out an extensive use of chopping up and editing sample loops to build our own unique rhythmic grooves. Always focussing on the transients and envelope manipulation of each hit, we layer and offset our drums on the grid using randomisation to help with realism.
CreativeLive Mixing Master Class with Kenneth Gioia TUTORiAL
Kenny Gioia is a multi-platinum engineer and producer behind pop and rock records from the likes of Bayside, American Authors, Ingrid Michaelson, and Mandy Moore. He is also a trusted educator and founder of

In this mixing masterclass, Kenny will walk you through his specific mixing techniques getting top-40 friendly mixes entirely inside the box in Reaper.

He will cover:

EQ, compression and dynamics
Reverb, delay and time-based effects
Vocal automation and vocal tone
Drum, guitar and bass mixing techniques
Mix-buss and pre-mastering tricks
Udemy Piano Exercises Scales Arpeggios Octaves Chords Hanon TUTORiAL TUTORiAL
30 years of professional experience, 20 years of teaching, 19 videos (10+ hours) + 2 PDF textbooks


Final Result...............00:03

Lesson 1 - Wrist & elbow motion, sound imagination
Efficient hands movements that helps developing fluent technique, and the basics of mental practice to develop clinging fingertips that let you control tone production playing with loose hands
Udemy How to play Piano Go from a Beginner/Intermediate to a Pro TUTORiAL
Join over 11,000 students who have enrolled in this course and over 28,000 students who have enrolled in all my 10 Music Courses.

WITH MORE THAN 40 HOURS OF CONTENT AND 300+ LECTURES, this course is a COMPLETE & COMPREHENSIVE PIANO COURSE that includes video content, PDF sheets and other lectures. This Piano Course will help you to be able to play any style of music. This Piano Course is a thorough and structured course that has been designed to take you from a Beginner Level to an Advanced Level on the Piano and musically. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge required in order to be able to play the Piano/Keyboard. This Course is for anyone that wants to learn how to play the Piano/Keyboard and it is also for the people that play the Piano/Keyboard and want to learn more about it. This course consists of "Beginner", "Intermediate" and "Advanced" Materials. This course also complements my other course that is called "Intermediate to Advanced Piano Course; Become a Top Pianist".
Buckets of Rain Fingerpicking Possibilities in Open D TUTORiAL
In these last few years I have been spending a lot of time exploring and wandering in the Open D tuning (D A D F# A D). Henry Worrall composed and arranged Sebastopol, a solo parlor guitar piece, in an Open D tuning and published it in 1860 with A.C. Peters & J.L. Peters, music publishers, Cincinnati, Ohio. The piece was very popular throughout the nineteenth century. Worrall intended the piece to be an imitation of a military bugle and band. Somehow, Worrall's Sebastopol entered in to the folk music tradition of the 1800s and both Black and White rural musicians played versions of this tune. Over the years the title changed from Sebastopol to Sevastopol and then to Vestapol or Vastapol. Today's guitarist generally refer to an Open D Tuning as Vestapol tuning.

In my lesson Fingerpicking Blues Guitar Arrangements in Vestapol Tuning (GW1011) I explored various blues ideas, arrangements and techniques in the Open D Tuning. In this new lesson we go beyond the blues with five arrangements that span a Country song (Tennessee Waltz), Pop (Bob Dylan's Buckets of Rain and the Beatles' In My Life), an Old-Time banjo tune (Waterbound) and a funky downhome Delta blues (Como Blues).
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