Academy.FM Cymatics Rage Heavy Metal Guitar Loops WAV
The mixture of Heavy Metal and Dubstep is on the rise…

The high energy and unbelievable heaviness that comes from the fusion of these two genres is unparalleled.

Amazing Dubstep artists like PhaseOne, Excision, and Space Laces do an incredible job of combining these styles in their tracks to make some of the heaviest songs we have EVER heard.
Scarbee Classic EP-88s KONTAKT
Scarbee Classic EP-88s has more samples, greater dynamics and more keys – 88 of them! And everyone who have tried to restore and instrument like this knows that the lowest and highest octaves takes as much time as the rest of the keys together – its a true battle where you need a lot of patience, lots of spare parts and some luck too.

We wanted to have the best possible sustain on each key, perfect balance of tone and as much bark too. There are harder strikes (compared to Scarbee Mark 1) - as well as softer ones.

We spend enourmous amount of time cleaning the samples for noise – each sample went through four rounds, where the last two was done in hand. The reason for this was the fact that we wanted to be able to offer presets with extreme treble EQ settings wihout having extra noise – and without hurting any part of the recordings.
Leo Wood Move For You WAV
Move For You has the makings of an absolute classic! This back has been split down into 2 verses, 2 chorus, an outro and plenty of ad-libs ready to weave into your track.

The main vocal stands firmly on its own with power and a soulful fieriness – but to top it off, you also have a full set of harmonies at your disposal to give it that extra flare when needed. 

Zenhiser 80s Synthwave Vol.1 WAV
The True Sound Of The 80’s Is Here With 80’s Synthwave Vol1. Do you want to create 80s inspired tracks but have insufficient studio equipment to get the job done right? Then it’s Zenhiser to the rescue with 80’s Synthwave Vol1. This time defying collection is jammed packed with melodic hooks, retro rhythms and neon fueled memories.
Vip Loops DAFT Digital Analog Funk Theory KONTAKT
VIP Loops presents D.A.F.T - Digital Analog Funk Theory: A collection of 18 special construction kits featuring the new retro pop funk styles that are lighting up charts. In the style of Pharell, Daft Punk, Robin Thicke, Breakbot, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown and more! This product is bursting with live bass, keys, synths and grooving guitar over expertly programmed drum grooves to capture the true feel of the masters of this new smash hit style of music.

Soniccouture Electric Pianos v1.0 ALP
Get the authentic sound of the Rhodes Stage 73 and Wurlitzer 200A electric pianos. Carefully sampled at multiple velocities and recorded with vintage equipment for ultra-realistic sound and feel. Comes with 70 Instrument Racks providing all the classic keyboard sounds.

These classic electric piano models have their origins in the 1970s, and their characteristic sounds – from soft and chiming to raspy and biting – feature prominently in the jazz, fusion and rock music of that era. The sampling experts at Soniccouture bring these instruments up to date with their perfect integration into Ableton Live while retaining the full spectrum of sound that made the originals so beloved.
Ueberschall Caribbean Flavors ELASTiK
Caribbean Flavours from the Nouvelle series is a versatile and very colourful production tool with a pristine sound which is focused on 32 live-recorded Construction Kits from the Caribbean.
Sample Magic SM36 Ambient & Chill WAV Sampler Patches
In many ways Ambient & Chill is the natural successor to our Chillwave collection (Just in case your vocabulary is completely eroded & useless). Mining the same rich seams of underground electronica, chillout and downtempo, Ambient & Chill blazes a new trail, eschewing the eighties in uences of Chillwave in favour of more fragile, esoteric and organic avours. Created with an abundance of live instrumentation, vintage hardware and lo- production techniques, the nal result is one of electro-organic bliss.

The beats are as varied as the collection’s title suggests. Lazy and loose four-to-the- oor workouts rub shoulders with more unconventional rhythms inspired by the broken beats of classic hip hop and post-dubstep electronica. Crafted from a rich palette of orginal live breaks, organic percussion, analogue drum machine sequencing and found-sound samples, the drums have been downsampled, diced and distressed to capture the all-important lo- aesthetic.

Splice Sound Medasin x Montell2099 Overdose Vol 3 WAV
Vol. 3 is the third installation to the Overdose series, this time featuring very rare samples from Montell2099. Montell has had a very playful, rhythmic, quirky style that has influenced alot of producers over the past couple years.
Sample Magic Future R and B MULTiFORMAT
Delve into the world of chilled electronic futurism with Future R&B. At the apex of trap, chillwave, hip-hop and west coast electronica, this trailblazing collection of loops, MIDI, hits and kits rips up the rule book, reworking every genre along the way.

From clean to crunchy, deep to funky, washed-out to woozy: Future R&B serves up 1GB+ of poppin’ rhythmbox beats, fat sub bass, blissed-out analogue synths, delicate keys, pitched vocal cuts and warm atmospheres, plus stacks of drum hits and melodic one-shots - crafted from a selection of the finest analogue synths, drum machines and outboard gear for a truly rich, warm and fat sound.