Technique Sounds Deep House Studio Inspirations WAV MiDi
Technique Sounds are proud to announce our third release in a much anticipated new range of studio production tools, Deep House Studio Inspirations. Designed especially for the sound of the now, this awesome pack will add the precise sound you hear from all your favorite deep house dj''s and producers.

Technique Sounds Deep House Studio Inspirations have been designed and precisely tailored to give your deep house productions the cutting edge sound of the moment, this pack is bursting with deep bass lines, key and scale chord progressions, creative drums, sizzling percussion, creamy vocal delights, delicious FX, deep bass bonus folder and exceptionally crafted deep house MIDI files that are all programmed to help you on your way to your next deep house production.
Sounds And Effects Netherworld II KONTAKT
Sounds And Effects Netherworld II with Fright Violin Effects starts where Netherworld left off, it adds frightening and eerie violin special effects, such as slides, pitch dives and rises, and tremolando, special bowings, screeches and squeals generated by playing on the wrong side of the bridge, and more. There are also long drawn out soundscapes, as well as metallic scrapes, big deep booms, distorted bells, processed male and female screams, dark terror night forest ambience, strange night winds, humans being pursued by various monsters, or trotted off through an eerie jungle to a human sacrifice.

Ueberschall On the Rock ELASTIK
On the Rock raises hell! This massive library offers no-compromise-rock sound with a broad spectrum.

On the Rock offers a broad spectrum of different rock styles. This production does not focus on a certain sub-genre or era but combines the best rock styles of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Here, our musicians simply turned up the amplifiers and hit hard! The result is a library that mirrors the facets of rock of three decades.

Ueberschall Looptool 3 ELASTiK
'Looptool 3' focuses on Rock, Metal, Punk, Blues, Garage, and Indie, in short, guitar and band-based music. The compilation features 31 Construction Kits from 19 different Ueberschall products. Continuing the successful idea of 'Looptool', the library offers access to some of the best live recorded libraries in the Ueberschall catalogue.

Mainroom Warehouse Deep House Vocal Chop Loops and One Shots WAV

'Deep House Vocal Chop Loops & One Shots' features 100 vocal chop loops in wet & dry versions and 50 vocal one-shots.

If you're looking for some vocal inspiration and looking add that extra touch to your tracks, look no further than this pack. Designed mainly for Deep House tracks, these vocal chop loops and one-shots will fit in to most EDM genres as well.
Sample Magic Slo-Mo House MULTiFORMAT
Merging deep house and downtempo grooves with a mass of lush instrumentation and melodic flair, Slo-Mo House serves up 600MB of organic-infused loops and hits for chilled house productions.

Containing folders at 110 and 115bpm, Slo-Mo House draws influence from the likes of Freerange Records, Buzzin' Fly and Permanent Vacation to deliver deep, melodic and emotive tools for downtempo house productions.

Ueberschall Looptool 2 ELASTiK
Ueberschall releases the second volume based on the successful idea of „Looptool" and offers a completely new access to the high quality Ueberschall collection. Looptool 2 presents Loops & Samples from 50 different soundbanks. 
The well-thought-out and comprehensive compilation makes Looptool 2 the ultimate collection for all-round musicians and producers. With over 2188 loops from more than 30 different genres it offers everthing that is needed in the modern multimedia world of today.

Deep Data Loops Indian Vocals WAV
DDL traveled down to South India to record 3 talented singers (male and female) performing in Malayam and Hindi language. 9 songs are featured and cut into loops for better handling.

Besides producing traditional indian sounds these loops are also usable in a variety of other musical genres as introduced in the demo. As a bonus some babbling recordings are added as well.
57,000+ MIDI Files of All Genres and Styles MiDi
In this collection is included all popular genres such as: rock, pop, metal, electronic, house, funk, reggae, hardcore, classical, jazz, ethnic, world, and so on...It also has MIDI Drum Loops in various genres & melodic patterns.

This collection includes a huge number of well-known songs of the world stars, DJ's, and more...famous songs in MIDI format.

Everything you need as a beginner musician, and professional musician. It really is a wonderful opportunity for all musicians.

You can use this MIDI collection in different genres, to create music. This product just will make your dream a reality!

Also, this collection will help many novice musicians learn music structure and experiment with sound or just have fun!
Sample Logic Expeditions KONTAKT READ NFO
EXPEDITIONS is a dynamic rhythmic sequencing and effects engine accompanied by a top-notch collection of eclectic cinematic and world loops, perfect for all styles of music production. By harnessing the power and flexibility of a 4-core loop engine, EXPEDITIONS possesses limitless creativity that is sure to transport your music around the world and beyond.