Splice Sounds Medasin Overdose Vol.4 WAV
After hitting #1 on top downloads last time around, Medasin makes his welcomed return to Splice Sounds. This time he’s teaming up with RefraQ, co-founder of Soda Island and an endlessly creative producer of wonky, hypnotic experimental electronica in his own right.

The two deliver their signature stunning approaches to sound design, synth programming, and texturing to a new batch of samples for you. Enjoy 404 one shots, atmospheres, drums, foley and more - plus a few "suh”-prise vocals from a special guest.

Origin Sound Artist Series Tisoki Serum Presets Vol.2
Origin Sound are very proud to bring you Tisoki’s second signature Serum Presets pack. Giving further insight to his renowned sound design, this pack contains various basses from his past releases and hidden gems directly from unreleased dub-plates circling clubs. 

The pack covers any type of gnarly bass sound you will need from glitched out trap basses to deep growls. These presets will inspire all dance-floor & EDM producers with their expert sound design. To accompany these bass sounds, Tisoki has also included 10 bonus drum hits. 

Ueberschall Rock Classics ELASTiK
Ueberschall‘s Elastik library „Rock Classics" is the result of a months-lasting, intense production. Its 20 construction kits offer professionally recorded drums, bass and guitars in up to seven different parts. Each construction kit‘s part is available in two variations to multiply the number of possible combinations. All tracks have been recorded using an analogue mixing console and an analogue multitrack to create a truly authentic sound. Also, all guitars have been recording using real amplifiers - no emulations, no exceptions! The abstinence of plug-ins of any kind has led to a production that is exceptionally warm and punchy. Sound wise, Rock Classics is head to head with the classics in rock history.

Swang Audio Ignorant 808 Sample Pack WAV
Whats inside?

→ 40 Handcrafted 808 Samples (Processed and Clean)
→ 4 Bonus 808 Toppers
→ 4 Bonus Kicks
→ 4 Bonus Kick Toppers
→ 4 Bonus Vox
→ Extra Bonus: first access to Swang Audio download vault

Ultimate Icytwat Kit WAV
Ultimate Icytwat Kit
Made by producer Cat Sippy Cup
Style: Hip Hop / Trap
You get a shit ton of stuff lol that is all I gotta say.

Zenhiser Humid House WAV
If you’re looking for serenity, blissed out melodies and crisp sonic clarity then look no further. Humid House delves deep inside the more laid back sound of House, combining elements of Tropical, Deep House & Chill House. This intricate sample pack is bountiful with luxuriant sounds, majestic loops, etherial vocals and dynamic one shots, the perfect combination for premium sonic workmanship. 

Zenhiser NY 90 s House WAV
Remember when 90's house ruled the world, it didn't matter what country you were in, any club was pumping out deep subby basslines, sexy sax sections and organ sounds to make anyone groove. It was a pinnacle moment in house music's future and New York was ruling the sound waves. Anticipation high strings reverberated through every speaker stack throughout the US, piano stab chords were a standard in most songs and the groove swung like nobody's business from London to Manchester, New York to Chicago, man this was a magical house sound era and here at Zenhiser we knew we had to release at least one pack to document this decade of opulent house. Coming in at just over 350 classic house beats, basslines and hooks NY 90's House is an essential collection of must have retro house sounds. We've crammed just about everything you can think of into this pack, the grooviest drum beats supplied in various versions, organ basslines to drool over, plucked basslines to set up any groove, organ loops from 90's heaven, crazy flute tweaks, string hooks, sexy sax parts and piano chord loops that would make even Strings Of Life feel right at home.

Zenhiser Alert and Alarm FX WAV
Tired of hearing the same alarm and alert fx in Movies, Games, TV Shows and even Music productions? We definitely were so we decided to something about it, and after weeks in the studio we came up with an awe inspiring collection of command sounds that are completely fresh and new. We went back to basics and built all these alarm sound effects from scratch using experimental synthesis and finally sculpting the sounds with classic outboard hardware to give the final sound effects a very high end finish. Each FX sound has been made in 24-Bit 96 Khz Wav to ensure the clarity fits even the biggest Blockbuster and with each style of alert sound effect or alarm fx separated by category we have ensured an easy browsing experience. We’ve covered everything from both intermittent and constant alarms and alerts through to distorted, broken, bass heavy and even a section of futuristic scanner fx sounds for the ultimate control collection.
Zenhiser 80s Synthwave Vol.2 WAV
It’s time to defy musical boundaries as once again we travel back to the 1980’s. Following on where Volume 1 left off, 80’s Synthwave Volume 2 captures the more neon coloured sound of the eighties. 4x4 beats merge floorlessly with shoulder pad synths, retro basslines compliment 80’s Miami pop pads with everything wrapped up to take your 80’s inspired tracks to a whole new level.

Splice Sounds KRANE Samples Vol. 5 WAV
This sample pack is the culmination of all my learnings and take-aways from creating volumes 1-4. Based on tons of feedback from producers, users and my own growth as a sound designer, KRANE SAMPLES VOL. 5 represents a massive step up.

They are also based largely on the sounds created and designed for my debut album FALLOUT as well. Each is created and processed just as they appear in my tracks. I hope they find an effective home in yours as well, whether your making trap, future bass, pop, or whatever- these samples are versatile, flexible, and I’m just really excited to hear what everyone does with them. -KRANE