8Dio Lacrimosa Epic Choir KONTAKT
Lacrimosa is produced by Academy Award, TEC and G.A.N.G Award Winning Composer and Producer, Troels Folmann. The Lacrimosa Choir consists of 70 Basses, 60 Tenors, 40 Altos and 30 Sopranos – in essence following the concept of a pyramid like structure – with a rich heavy bottom and shining bright top. It generates a perfect balance – where the deeper/lower parts of the choir are capable of matching the shiny/higher ranges.

Sounds And Effects Netherworld KONTAKT
Netherworld features all new digitally created sounds that inhabit the dark places between musical sounds and sound effects.

Odd rumbling noises, strange insects swarming, dark distant choirs, ominous drones, screeches, thumping, clanging, ripping, torment, mysterious spatial ambiences, warbling bells, and unearthly beasts feeding way down below.

Freaky Loops Niflheim Zebra2 Presets
We are proud to present our latest release "Niflheim" featuring 63 ready-to-use Cinematic presets for Zebra2.

Inside you can find presets inspired by Hans Zimmer, Howard Scarr and some well-known video games such as Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Destiny etc.. All the presets in this library are deep and flexible, you can easily use them in any way you feel to add creativity to your cinematic productions without any limitations. From lush and ethereal pads to deep and dark drones, huge cinematic drums to melodic arps, distorted subs to trailer bass pulses, emotional keys to magical FXs and many more.. Every preset was designed from the ground up and balances both drive and clarity to create an incredible sound palette. You can use them as they are or begin tweaking the expertly programmed XY Pads to extend the functionality of each patch. So what are you waiting for? Try to be more creative with Niflheim!
Splice Sounds Fabian Mazur ELIXIR Vital Serum Presets
What gives Fabian Mazur an edge above other producers may have to do with his unusual background. His parents are both trained jazz musicians, his father a staple of the Danish jazz scene and his mother a percussionist having backed the likes of Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter. 

Standalone-Music 7 SKIES and DG - Ephex FX Essentials Vol.1 WAV
FX Sounds are essential elements of music production; the right ones can dramatically improve the energy of your tracks during buildups, they can make transitions between the different parts of your song smooth and natural, they add tension and impact.

Being producers ourselves, we know very well what a struggle creating your FXs can be, let alone finding the right samples in all of the libraries our there, this is why we put extra effort to build a library that focuses just on the FX samples you need!
Zenhiser The Vintage House Construction Kit WAV
Delving deep into the vaults of the classic house sound 'The Vintage House Construction Kit' delivers a memorizing collection of retro house sounds and loops. Jam packed with over 1.1GB of classic house beats, drum sounds, noises, chords, synth loops, bass hits, key loops, bass loops and more makes this collection of retro house samples a must for all serious house enthusiasts. From the Classic American Sound through to the yesteryears Jackin' Vibe 'The Vintage House Construction Kit' deploys a musical orgasm of classic groovy house sounds that are not only becoming the sound of tomorrow but a base collective of today and past days. 
Audentiity FutureHouse and EDMPresets WAV FXB NMSV SBF
120 brandnew unique Presets for Future House & EDM (and more) + extra BONUS with One Shot Wavs.

2015 has been a big year for new dance genres,one of biggest newcomers this year has been the Future House genre. 
Besides that the EDM genre has managed to maintain its popularity, so what about a presets-pack which bundles these 2 huge dance genres?
We Compiled a Dope Kit for the Halloween Season. Hope Yuh Dig It.

Floating Forest Lost In The Woods WAV
This dark experimental hip hop themed pack features an eclectic assortment of samples that sound as if they could have been recorded while exploring the terrain of a distant planet.

Technique Sounds Tech House Studio Inspirations WAV MiDi
Technique Sounds Tech House Studio Inspirations

Technique Sounds are very proud to present the latest addition to our ever growing library of sounds, samples and presets.