Beatsbycryptic Cryptogenic Drumkit WAV
my second drumkit - out now!
spent a lot of time on this one, this kit contains a lot of sounds/samples from my previously released beats // inspired by the sound of astroworld, wondagurl, travis scott & eestbound
- a creative kit.
CineDrop is the second installment of CINE series. It is a modern, ultra cinematic, take on classic slowmo/downer sound effects with a dark twist. CineDrop (Cinematic Drop) is a library created with sound designers and gamedevs in mind. Control pace of your project, add suspense and drama and make those subwoofers hot.

Collection consists of 57 carefully designed and rendered sound effects with baked-in Soundminer’s metadata. All sounds have been created and processed using top tier gear in order to deliver crisp, modern, error free sound. Find out what Euro Rack Synths morphed with modern digital synths and foley field recordings sound like.
PMSFX Forgotten Neons WAV
FORGOTTEN NEONS is a collection of 415 carefully designed, mastered and rendered, game audio sound effects. Mono compatible and meta-tagged. Power Ups, Level Ups, Portals, Teleports, Healing, Robots, Doors, Items, Weapons, Menus, UI and more! FORGOTTEN NEONS consist of a few main "bucket” categories, organized in a way to spark your creativity.

Interacting with objects and items such as: Menus, UIs, Doors, Boxes, Buttons, Items, Mechanical elements and more.
Kits Kreme Millactic Vol.2 Retro Analog Sounds WAV
After a popular response to our first edition of 'Millactic' we decided to dust off the old analog keyboards & synthesizers to create the Second Edition. We took 80's retro analog keyboards & synthesizers and mixed it with the modern hip hop & r&b vibe. This pack includes both melodic loops & one shot hits. If you wish to download MIDI files or individual stems to these sounds you can download them exclusively at
PMSFX Back Alley Rain WAV
Back Alley Rain is a collection of 20 rain & thunder sound effects. Light/medium/downpour rain, aftermath, drips, muffled thunder and more Collection consists of 20 carefully mastered and rendered rain ambiences with baked-in Soundminer’s metadata.

All sounds (with one exception - see metadata) loop seamlessly which makes them perfect for games, meditation apps etc. All sounds have been created and processed using top tier gear in order to deliver crisp, modern, error free sound.
Oneway Audio Trap Flow Vol.3 WAV MiDi DAW Templates
'Trap Flow Vol 3' is the latest release in this best-selling series. This time they took it to a new level with heart-pounding 808's, deep kicks, Dirty South brasses and strings, bells, piano chords, Trap style synths, and more. One Way Audio wanted ...

The tempo and key are also labelled on all folders.

If you are looking to make your next Trap hit, this pack will bring so many fresh ideas.
Oneway Audio Swag 4Ever WAV MiDi DAW Templates
'Swag 4Ever' contains five hot, radio-ready Construction Kits. This pack consists of that smooth sound with a touch of R&B flavour but also has that Dirty South feel. The sounds and melodies are up-to-date and the pack has the sounds of the top produ...

MIDI and FLP files are included to offer you full flexibility, as are all drum hits. All loops were recorded in 24-Bit.
PMSFX Industrial Terror Hits And Transitions WAV
INDUSTRIAL TERROR - Hits & Transitions is a second installment of Industrial Terror series. It is a collection of dark, distorted, ear-piercing, industrial hits, impacts, crashes and transitions. IT Hits & Transitions is an expansion pack that focuses in single, sharp hits and transitions rather than evolving, textural impacts and whooshes (as heard in Industrial Terror).

Collection consists of 145 carefully designed and rendered sound effects. Unique processing of organic field recordings combined with modular processing makes it both grounded in reality and creepy. This collection is a perfect choice for any kind of horror genre.
PMSFX Obscure Frequencies WAV
OBSCURE FREQUENCIES is a unique collection of 336 sound effects created from uncommon audio recordings of radio masts, antennas, digital meters, circuit boards, batteries, home & leisure electronics, broken electronics etc. Deep, dark, low and evolving soundscapes, cracking, distorted whooshes, hybrid electric loops and complex one-shots, all designed using exclusively recordings done with induction coil microphones.

Obscure frequencies is a very versatile pack that can be successfully use in many projects such as sci-fi, horror, sound installations and game audio. Its unique sound comes from combining organic recordings of things that cannot be heard without a special equipment and hours of complex sound design.
IN MOTION is a collection of high quality time-lapse-like sound effects, indicating passage of time. 40 high quality, carefully rendered, sound effects created with FILM and TV in mind. Enhance your time-lapses/hyper-lapses, Created original sound transitions to give your documentary that desirable, modern sound.

PCM D100, NTG3.