Organic Loops Funkified Guitars MULTiFORMAT
'Funkified Guitars' from Organic Loops brings you some of hottest, freshest and funkiest guitars this side of the 70's. From chilled down tempo shuffles to distorted Funk Rock licks, a slice of Jazz Funk and a dash of cop show whacka whacka, this collection of royalty-free loops is the perfect pack for song writers and producers looking for some funky six string inspiration.

'Funkified Guitars' features 47 different guitar riffs that develop over four to eight bars and are recorded at tempos of 95, 100, 105, and 110 BPM. 

Each Electric Guitar loop is conveniently key-labelled and has its own complementary Bass Guitar loop to be used alongside it if required.
u-he Howard Scarr and Kevin Schroeder Hive Science 2 Soundset Synth Presets
Howard Scarr and Kevin Schroeder team up again for Hive Science 2, 350 presets full of style and high impact. The soundset revisits and expands on ideas from the original Hive Science. More epic pads, more stomping rhythms, more modern leads, more pensive textures, more thumping basses… more of everything.

Hive Science 2 puts the sound design expertise of Howard and Kevin at your fingertips. Dive into the analogue recreations from Howard, the cinematic styles from Kevin, and the results of their collaborations.
u-he Bjulin Atmos Soundset for Diva Synth Presets
Atmos inhabits the space between the real and the fantastical. Bjulin's work evokes the dimension, emotion and atmosphere of various scenes—like floating high above the clouds or standing at the edge of a mysterious forest.

All 128 presets in this collection of arpeggios, leads, pads and ambient effects are permeated with a sense of space. Bjulin created the pure sounds to be sophisticated from the start, but applying Diva's built-in effects thoughtfully, he manage to highlight each unique atmosphere and ambience.
u-he Kevin Schroeder Arena Synth Presets
Arena is high energy. A compact soundset dedicated to a single theme. From the first to the last, these presets focus on lead sounds crafted especially for infectious melodies and dramatic riffs.

When developing Arena, Kevin Schroeder concentrated on creating sounds suited to the high energy of contemporary dance music. And these 50 presets certainly deliver: From searing keys to mood-altering plucks - Arena is high octane fuel for your club anthems.
u-he Samuel Bereczky Traveller Synth Presets
Traveller invites sonic exploration with this collection of rich, imaginatively designed sounds. Move between experimental and organic, ambient and sci-fi, abstract and rhythmic. Traveller forges a path between early electronica/ambient and Bereczky's personal background in orchestral soundtrack.

This 122-preset collection offers an eclectic range of versatile and useful sounds: basses, arpeggios, pads, drones, keys, brass and more. Each preset includes performance control as well as XY pad assignments for immediate sound warping. Move between worlds with Traveller.
Engineering Samples RED Technology WAV MiDi
"Technology" is the latest installation by german based Sub Label "Engineering Samples RED".

Packed with over 656 MB of outstanding analogue sounds & loops this pack is entitled to match the highest standards and needs of Underground Dance Producers worldwide.

Including 6 Folders with Synth Loops, Vocals, Basslines, Drum Loops, FX and Oneshots in cutting edge quality, recorded using the finest equipment, composed and selected with the highest artistic claim.
u-he Enzalla Crystallia Synth Presets
Crystallia delves into the renowned cinematic side of Zebra2. Sound designer Enzalla delivers tailored sounds for film and game composers, and musicians looking to add expressive flair to their compositions. For your epic moments, frenetic action or emotional passages - Crystallia will inspire you. And with Zebra's flexibility the presets are only a few tweaks away from making them your own.

For anyone into ambient, chill-out and film music productions, these 150 sounds offer a wide range of options: thundering drums, rich pads, percussive FX, crystal clear keys, thick basses and much more. Crystallia will add motion, depth and shine to your compositions.
Sonex Audio Vintage Keyboards KONTAKT
Vintage Keyboards: Mellotron, Harpsichord, Celeste, Clavinet D6, Hammond B3, Vox Continental, Farfisa and Pipe Organ.

Up to 4 separate mic positions: close (stereo and mono), middle, far, and ambience (room)
Up to 10 velocity layers
Nearly 19GB of uncompressed sample content (compressed to 13.25 GB)
3.917 Samples (Kontakt Lossless Sample Compression format)
Dozens of ready-to-use presets for creative starting points
Catalyst Samples Cool Tech House WAV
We are ultra proud to present... Cool Tech House

This pack contains those cool, deep, groovy, chilled vibes that tech house is so known for.

We provide all the elements you need to start producing cool tech house with a huge sprinkle of class.

Containing x 139 Wav Loops:
warfill kit v5 WAV DAW Templates
this kit is more focused on my defecit sound

7 808s
5 flps (2 unfinished flps, SIN, and others)
5 kicks
7 miscellaneous sounds
8 presets
4 samples
10 snares