BL Sounds Yamaha QS-300 KONTAKT

Amazing Sounds Off of YAMAHA QS-300 KEYBOARD

This kit was specifically designed for KONTAKT (.NKI)
ModeAudio Visions Ambient Techno Loops WAV
'Visions - Ambient Techno Loops' from ModeAudio reaches up through the cosmos, picking out mysterious, shimmering forms amidst the endless dark and channeling these discoveries into a 532MB collection of mesmeric loops and samples!

Blending rich, rustling noise textures and Ambient synth layers with pounding Techno beats, basslines, and kaleidoscopic synth riffs, the 200 tempo-synched music loops at the heart of this collection will deliver all the hypnotism and haze of the dancefloor direct to your DAW.

Plusculaar Modular Drum WAV
Modular Drum by Plusculaar is the new samples pack hosting a collection of 15 unique beats, the power of analog gear and special touch of Romanian underground sound, makeing these a must have. Sparking rythms with the special feeling of minimal, fusible with any exmperimental or classic style's. In this pack is all about beats, no bass or melodics included, pure groove signed by Plusculaar, with the wish of sharing and growing together into this wonderfull world of music. Loops and one-shot all files wav.
WavSupply JRHITMAKER Ice (Loop Kit) WAV
59 Custom made loops created by JRHITMAKER of Internet Money.

Soundmanufacture Scale-O-Mat v4.1.0 Max for Live
Scale-O-Mat 4 is great for composing music and for plaing live, to change the scale and the rootnote on the fly and always stay in the same scale. No matter what style you're playing, from soundtracks, orchestral works, EDM, drum & bass or rock music - Scale-O-Mat is a great helper to play always the right notes.
Four4 Melodic Techno WAV MiDi
Blending elements of 90s trance with laidback techno aesthetics - Melodic Techno fuses two glorious genres known for creating dark moods and esoteric arrangements primed for lovers of dark melodic dance music.

Spitfire Audio Contemporary Drama Toolkit KONTAKT
Contemporary Drama Toolkit is a broadcast-ready sound set, expertly curated and produced by award-winning composer Samuel Sim and our team of composers, to help you score to picture without the theory - without compromising on emotion. Across 72 individual instrument patches and 44 combinations, expression is baked into each sound, leaving you to focus on your music instead of software menus.
Boom Library Seasons Of Earth Winter 3D Surround and Stereo Editions WAV
Our planet has a fascinating sonic spectrum, and every season, nature offers us an impressive and multi-faceted sound composition. We have recorded the most interesting and iconic ambiences the only way that truly reflects the sonic character of Earth as precisely as possible: Using the unparalleled Schoeps ORTF3D Surround Set. Harness these first-rate sounds to shape your projects in the most authentic way possible, from the ground up in 3D Surround.
Touch Loops Harmonic Moods WAV
'Harmonic Moods' by Touch Loops is inspired by the sound world of Dane Kye and Rhythm Section. Expect to find the 90s tinged pack to date.

Reaching for analogue synths, dusty hardware and classic drum machines, each one of these iconic Jazz House samples is brimming with texture, vibe and epic musicianship. Divided down into 12 Construction Kits, the Sound Designers ensured maximum flexibility at all times giving you the option to build up your tracks or grab each separate section and make it into your own.
NastyBoy Nasty Drums pt. 1 (Drum Kit) WAV Synth Presets
808's - 33
Chants - 13
Claps - 24
Crashes - 9
FX's - 20
Hats - 19