Soundethers Dreaming Synth Presets
Soundethers Dreaming Synth Presets
"DREAMING" is a unique collection of unheard sound sources (textures, pads and field recordings) for Omnisphere 2. Ever-evolving, deep and wide atmospheres, basses and key-pads, deeply processed and sculpted. All library is MW automated, often to morph sounds to pulsing textures.

"Dreaming" aims to composers and producers looking for underscores, ambient music, environmental effects, soundtracks and cinematic needs.
We cannot say more than "you never had such a collection of sounds running in your Omnisphere 2".

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Soundethers QUARK IRIS Soundethers QUARK IRIS
"Quark" is a unique collection of deep underscores for iZotope's Iris 2. While Iris 2 offers a wide selection of great factory patches, it contains only a few pure, playable, ever-evolving underscores. "Quark" gives the users of this amazing instrument an essential add-on, made of tuned textures and field recordings carefully blended together, ranging from gritty to heavenly atmospheres. Hope you enjoy it!
Soundethers Space Evolutions v1.1 KONTAKT WAV Soundethers Space Evolutions v1.1 KONTAKT WAV
Animated textures, keys, pads, beats and field recordings for Kontakt 5.5 
A world of moving and evolving textures, narrative instruments for ambient, subtle cinematic, soundtracks, chillout, glitch, IDM and more.

Special Field Recording folder with nature and mechanical environments.
All textures and synths are designed from multi layered sources (up to six samples), searching for musical evolving sounds, carefully tuned to give you the best playability.

Designed with care on a per-patch basis, it's a such dedicated work, something we'll never try to do again because of the time consuming effort it has required.
Space Evolutions 1.1 with its custom, unique patch assignements, is here to testify our love and care for sound design. Grab Space Evolutions 1.1 (now on digitalgoodsstore).
Soundethers Talis Ethers for SERUM FXP WAV Soundethers Talis Ethers for SERUM FXP WAV
Have you ever had an experience of truly subtle, cinematic textures, ever-evolving, deep, wide fields solwly moving in Serum? If "not exactly" is your answer, then TALIS ETHERS is the right soundset for you.
It's an instant atmospheres builder collection, made for film and game composers, IDM, Ambient, Chillout, and a lot more, based on original field recordings and textures.
We are simply suprised and delighted by the stunning results that Serum made possible in this unexplored sonic field for this synth.

Soundethers Organica KONTAKT Soundethers Organica KONTAKT
It's a collection of tonal textures, blended with spacious field recordings (you'll notice a wide stereo field).

The Mod Wheel makes every pad pulse in sync with your Host/DAW, and adds a huge reverb to all field recordings.

"ORGANICA" is an instant atmosphere builder with a lot of personality.

You'll find SOLO pads, DUO combinations of two pads, and a TRIO section with two field recordings layers and a pad which fades in when you use the Mod Wheel.

The MULTIS folder contains pads and low mapped fields, blended together; you can obtain dronish soundscapes very easily, perfect underscores (use the mod wheel and the fields will be reverbered while the pad will start pulsing).
Uneek Sounds Movie Music Omnisphere Edition for Omnisphere Uneek Sounds Movie Music Omnisphere Edition for Omnisphere
Do to popular demand we bring you another Omnisphere presets pack "Movie Music Omnisphere Edition" which includes 68 well programmed patches.

Movie Music Omnisphere Edition has what is needed for big atmospheric tracks or simple trailer & cinematic underscores.

The type of patches include Leads, Pads, Atmospheres, Bass, Hits, Fx, Drums, Arp, synths, Chords. Plucks & Winds.


• 14 Leads
• 14 Pads
• 11 FX
• 05 Bass
• 03 Chords
• 07 Plucks
• 08 Atmospheres
• 02 Drum Sequences
• 01 Key, Wind, Synth & Arp
• 68 Patches Total

Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic III For Omnisphere-AUDIOSTRiKE Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic III For Omnisphere-AUDIOSTRiKE
Omnisphere Cinematic III is the third installment of our bestsellers Omnisphere Cinematic series, featuring 100 new modern presets designed for Dark Ambient, Film, Soundtrack and Underscore.


30 Arp + Rhythm
10 Impact + Hits
15 Synth Bass
40 Pads + Textures
5 Keyboards

Full version of Spectrasonics Omnisphere 1.5.7d or upper is required.