Precisionsound Owerland Guitar MULTiFORMAT
Precisionsound Owerland Guitar MULTiFORMAT
The Owerland steel string guitar has been recorded with mono and stereo microphones and later mixed down, equalized and compressed for a discrete, ready to use stereo sound suitable for melodic playing and arpeggios. If you are looking for the most realistic steel string acoustic guitar library, look elsewhere. This is a treated guitarsound that works in a mix for a broad range of music styles.

The Owerland Guitar is mapped in 4 velocity layers divided into 2 programs; "Owerland Picked” and "Owerland FX”

Owerland Guitar contains:

• 182 24-bit stereo WAV files
• 2 programs for Kontakt 1+
• 2 programs for HALion
• 2 programs for SoundFont
• The total size of the library compressed is 140 MB.
• All formats are included when you buy Owerland Guitar

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