Black Octopus Sound Leviathan MULTIFORMAT
Black Octopus Sound Leviathan MULTIFORMAT
Over a year and a half in the making, Black Octopus Sound releases what can only be described as an epic sample pack of monstrous proportions. Aimed at producers of all genres and skill sets, this pack features a colossal 5000+ cutting edge sounds weighing in at over 4GB in size. Leviathan is truly a complete sample pack suitable for all genres of music. With its abundance of one shot samples, construction kit style loops at various tempos, extensive FX section, and both mutli-sampled and single shot synth sounds, this pack has everything you need to create a great sounding track. Decades of production techniques have been used in the creation of these sounds to ensure each sound will sound great out of the box or with your own processing added. This is an essential sample pack in any producers arsenal and will no doubt be heard in many top tracks for years to come.

What’s in the pack?

267 Kick drums. All tuned to key, full of punch and thump
285 Snares, claps, and pre-shifted claps.
386 Hihats, Cymbal rides and crashes.
363 Percussive sounds. Electronic sub hits, live recorded hand drums, tambourines, & shakers
58 Tom drums ready to fatten up your fills.
42 Long atmospheric FX ranging from eerie ambient noises, vinyl dust & crackle, euphoric textures. Perfect for filling up empty spaces or sidechaining.
227 Rising & Falling FX perfect to power up and smooth over your transitions. All labelled in 1,2, 4, 8, and 16 bar increments.
76 Impacts & bombs. Huge explosions, short impacts, glass shatters & shrapnel bombs.
136 Short FX. Robotic chatter, organic movements, and bleeps & blips.
121 Glitch FX – Alien parasites & robotic transformers.
388 Drum loops - 110, 128 & 140 bpm. Full loops, top loops, and many variations.
127 Drum fills - 110, 128 & 140 bpm.
334 Music Loops - 110, 128 & 140 bpm.
664 Bass samples. Long sustained notes and short tweaked stabs. Vocoder growls, spineshivering electro stabs, & resampled neuro basses
207 Chord stabs. Huge dance chords to melodic deep stabs.
80 Multisampled instruments - in Kontakt, SFZ & Directwave formats. Lots of bass instruments and synth patches.
292 Synth stabs. Long sustained notes and filter tweaked short stabs.
1 Producer Tip sheet.
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Price: $99.00

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Orphic’s special blend of funk, glitch hop, groove and soul has been making big waves recently and now he has teamed up with Black Octopus to produce an amazingly funky collection of tools for producers to use. There is a little of everything in this royalty free sample pack including some field recordings, live drums, guitar stabs, vocals, massive presets, and even some bonus material (racks, presets, templates) for Ableton Live users. Bass loops in every note make it easy to chop up and fit into your own patterns. The field recordings can be used to layer into your percussion to make it more organic sounding. The live played bass, guitar, and drums can help add a human flavor to overly electronic tracks. With over 800 juicy sounds directly from the studio of Orphic, this pack is not to be missed!
Zenhiser Trap Vs Twerk 2 WAV Zenhiser Trap Vs Twerk 2 WAV
It’s time for the follow up, bigger, badder and even more thumping, "Trap Vs Twerk 2” will blow your f*ckin socks off! With even more sub bass, acid infused top lines, monstrous stabs and intricate drum patterns this Trap sample pack is the perfect accompaniment to the first in our series. Everything you could possibly want is in this sound pack including sub punching basslines, banging beats, precise drum hits, crazy full loops, essential fx, punchy one shots and incredible synth loops. This truly is one epic sample library for Trap & Twerk producers alike. 

In detail you can expect to find just over 1.3 GB of 24 bit wav sounds and loops ranging from 70 - 160 bpm. 50 Basslines, 150 Drum Beats, 95 Drum Hits, 50 Full Loops, 39 FX, 69 One Shots & 100 Synth Loops. All the synth loops included in the Zenhiser pack are supplied in two formats, looped seamlessly & with fx trail. Every sample has been created and mastered for optimum sound performance, this ensures a reduction in your mixing time and an overall increase in your production sound.

There’s no denying it both Trap & Twerk have dominated the music scene for a long time and cemented themselves in not only their own genres but also fusions with EDM, House, Drum & Bass, Bass House and more.

All samples within "Trap Vs Twerk 2” are 100% royalty free. Once purchased you can use all these sounds in your tracks and remixes, with no restrictions.

Trap Vs Twerk 2 includes:

Basslines - 50
Drum Beats - 150
Drums - Kicks - 16
Drums - Hi Hats - 14
Drums - Claps - 16
Drums - Snares - 21
Drums - Percussion - 28
Full Loops - 50
FX - 39
One Shots - 69
Synth Loops - 100

Raw Loops 90's Keys WAV Raw Loops 90's Keys WAV

291 One-shot bass, synth leads, keys, organs, strings, pads, fx & more from the synthetic 90’s era. 90’s Keys pay homage to the throw-back melodic sound of warm tones, cut-through mids, and melancholic sounds and samples from an all-inspiring musical time.

Just drop these hits in any sampler or drum machine of your choice for instant playing power!


Bass – 62 synth bass hits for smoking low-mids.

FX – 34 bendy FX sounds from short to long.

Keys – 49 keys from organs to pianos to synths.

Leads – 65 lead synths sounds and stabs.

Instruments – 20 digital instruments, brass stabs, flutes and more.

Pads – 44 drawn out drones from hi pitched to low growls.

Strings – 17 sustained digital string sounds.

Loopmasters Tom Middleton Deep Bass House MULTiFORMAT Loopmasters Tom Middleton Deep Bass House MULTiFORMAT
'Tom Middleton: Dub Bass House' from Loopmasters is a brand new royalty-free House sample collection that is aimed squarely at producers looking for impeccably produced sounds and loops for Dub, Bass, Deep and Retro flavours of House. This pack is a musical journey that features Classic House stabs, retro strings, warm pads and deep organs, deep and dirty basses, skippy beats and of course some nice Dub FX.

Once again Tom has gone to town on these sounds and has used a wide range of sound sources including his stash of vintage instruments, resulting in a thoroughly authentic, yet fresh sounding sample collection that is sure to inspire for years to come.

In detail, expect to find 1.25 GB of 24-Bit quality loops and One-Shot sounds including 21 Clap Loops, 34 Hat Loops, 24 Kick Loops, nine Percussion Loops, 26 Cymbal Loops, 20 Snare Loops, 12 Top Loops, seven Full Drum Loops, 18 Bass Loops, 19 Music Loops, six SFX Loops, 40 Bass Multi Sampled Instruments, 256 Drum Shots, 56 SFX Hits, 29 Pad Sounds, 50 Synth Hits, seven Synth Multi Sampled Instruments, 192 REX2 Files and 146 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, EXS24, NN-XT and SFZ formats.

The collection also features seven different construction Kits that Tom has put together using the samples in the pack plus a few extra bonus sounds, to help inspire your creative juices.

The collection is also available in Apple Loops, Ableton Live pack and Reason Refill to purchase separately.

Black Octopus Sound Transcendent Trap 2 WAV Black Octopus Sound Transcendent Trap 2 WAV
Transcendent Trap is back! Only this time it’s 3 times bigger! After the wildly successful Transcendent Trap pack last year, Paradigm Theorem has locked himself up in the lab for months to bring you one of, if not the biggest collection of multi-genre Chill Trap sounds on Earth.

Over 100 original instruments ranging from the uplifting to darkness with powerful and energetic leads to soft psychedelic textures and a few vocal stabs and textures to spice things up.

Transcendent Trap 2 is perfect for all levels of producers with a legion of individual drum hits, FX, vocals and one shot synth samples to create your own instruments followed by over 300 loops with a new collection created for every single key at 100 and 140 bpm for you to pull inspiration from or drop straight into your tracks.

Also included are five separate Hybrid 808 Basses, each one recorded directly at all bass notes with included SFZ files for you to load into your samplers and immediately start dropping the most evolved and fat Trap bass on your system.

......:::::: 650 x Perfectly Mastered Drum Samples ::::::......
• 100 Diverse Kicks for Hybrid Trap
• 100 808 Style Snares
• 100 Teeth Chipping Snares For Hybrid Trap
• 100 808 style and Layered Claps
• 100 Crisp Hi-Hats
• 100 Diverse Percussion Sounds
• 50 Sizzling Cymbal Rides

...::: 5 x Evolved 808 Bass Instruments In WAV And SFZ Format For Your Samplers :::...
• Bouncy, Dirty, Punchy, Smooth And Squared
• Tuned Kicks
• Tight Bass Hits
• Medium Bass Hits
• Long Bass Falloff Hits
• Sustained Bass Notes

......:::::: 144 x Drum and 808 Loops At 100 And 140 Bpm ::::::......
• Hybrid Kicks, Snares, Claps, Hats and Percussion
• 808 Basslines With Accompanying Tunes Kick Loops

......:::::: 188 x Musical Loops At 100 And 140 Bpm ::::::......
• Arpeggios
• Atmospheres
• Leads
• Lo-Fi Metals
• Synth Instruments

......:::::: 55 x Vocal samples ::::::......
• Textures
• Stabs and Hooks

......:::::: 283 x One-Shot Instrument Samples ::::::......
• Arpeggios At 100 And 140 Bpm
• Atmospheres
• Leads
• Synth Instruments

......:::::: 300 x FX Samples ::::::......
• 100 Soft Riser Textures
• 100 Atmospheric Impacts
• 50 Crash Effects
• 50 Granular Effects

Plus a whole bunch of (BONUS) Loops, Drum Rolls, One-Shots and glitches from piecing together the demo track! Produced by Paradigm Theorem.
Black Octopus Sound Ultimate Bangers and Anthems WAV MiDi Black Octopus Sound Ultimate Bangers and Anthems WAV MiDi
Black Octopus proudly presents one of it’s most comprehensive and energy inspiring collection of EDM samples and loops. Ultimate Bangers & Anthems, is your quintessential one stop shop for all things dance music. The 5000+ sounds include a full range of roof raising synths, electrifying bass, infectious MIDI files, brilliant FX, real recorded sounds, unique vocals, countless drum samples and much, much, more. It also features a vast array of both one shot samples and full music loops, so that every producer, beginner to pro can find something that fits their production style and immediately add a taste of the main stage, to any project.