House Of Loop Techno Atmosphere WAV
House Of Loop Techno Atmosphere WAV
'Techno Atmosphere' by House Of Loop is a huge pad and texture collection for purists of the genre. House Of Loop has packed in a massive amount of atmospheres, pads, and textures so, you'll find lots of variety and have even more options to add your own spin on an iconic form of Techno.

The beauty of this pack is the combinations. A vast amount of classic pads can really help to make your musical projects have that definitive Techno sound. A whopping 329 pad/atmosphere loops are included. The Techno here is so thick that you would need some serious edge on your attack to cut through it all.

Get ready to break out of your current atmosphere and into 'Techno Atmosphere' today.

Please Note:
Drums are not included in this pack, but 'Berlin Techno Resistance' by House Of Loop can be coupled with this pack for the drum parts.

Product Details:

- 109 pad/atmosphere At 129 BPM
- 100 pad/atmosphere At 130 BPM
- 120 pad/atmosphere At 132 BPM
- 100% Royalty-Free

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