House Of Loop Tech House Congas WAV
House Of Loop Tech House Congas WAV
'Tech House Congas' by House of Loop brings your go-to source of great Conga sounds. Congas can help you strengthen your arrangement, creating more immersive sonic soundscapes, and add richness to the mix.

Congas are particularly special instruments because they provide a melodic and rhythmic component to any track. In other words, they are percussive instruments, but they do have very definite notes, meaning that they can be used to augment productions and add more to the aural and harmonic layering of a track. For this reason, these samples can be pitched or edited in your DAW to fit within your arrangement.

They can also be implemented to widen the stereo field of the rhythm section, adding something other than the regular drum kit. This is going to be an ultimate resource for any lover of conga and percussion sounds, as it features meticulously sampled files and interesting sounds that will surely find a home in your studio. The percussion arsenal your production studio needed. Please note that this pack features percussion only.

Product Details:

- 72 Congas 125 BPM
- 63 Congas 127 BPM
- 34 Conga Fills 125 BPM

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