Onlyxne Of 808 Mafia Balenciaga Drum Kit WAV
BALENCIAGA DRUMKIT by Onlyxne features original sounds used in the production of 6lack - Balenciaga Challenge (feat. Offset), as well as many other "go-to” sounds.

CONTAINS 120 high-quality, 24bit wav samples, professionally mixed and mastered by Onlyxne of 808Mafia. Thank you to everyone who has been showing love and support. Hope you enjoy - Onlyxne 808Mafia
Fragment Audio Aeph Signature Pack Synth Presets DAW Templates
Aeph delivers us some of his top secrets sound design presets...He created this outstanding soundbank inspired by his own and unique signature sound!

Carefully crafted by Aeph (Lifted, Eatbrain, Close 2 Death, Bad Taste...and more!

Aeph delivers some of his top secret sound design presets with this outstanding soundbank inspired by his own unique signature sound. From direct and up-front aggressive bass to more reserved and spacious ambient hits, this pack has everything you’ll need to crush your next track.

Featuring 70 unique bass patches covering looping basslines, leads, stabs, and effects, this pack can be the perfect starting point for a new project, or help you add a final layer of heavy bass madness to your next release.
ML Sound Lab Mega Oversize Cab Pack WAV KIPR Synth Presets
"MEGA OVERSIZE" is an impulse response (IR) collection based on a Mesa™ Boogie Oversized straight 4x12 guitar cabinet with rare original spec 70 watt Celestion™ Vintage 30's from the 1990s.


Shure™ SM57
Shure™ SM7B
Shure™ SM58
Royer™ R121
Fragment Audio Audeka Signature Bundle WAV Synth Presets
Audeka delivers us some of their unique sound design presets...They created this original soundbank inspired by their own signature sound around Dubstep Drum & Bass Carefully crafted by Audeka (Caliber, Xenomorph, Methlab Records).

This huge library delivers you a huge soundbank with 90 presets. Audeka Signature is a most to have, it comes with everything you need to get started producing cutting edge Dubstep, Drum and bass or find some new inspiration for your next project. Each sound is carefully engineered to provide the best combination of hard-hitting bass and interesting sound design that’s infinitely tweakable handcrafted by Audeka.
Fragment Audio Disprove Signature Bundle WAV Synth Presets DAW Templates
Handcrafted by Disprove himself, high talented Drum & Bass Artist signed on major Dnb labels like, Noisia's label Invisible, Eatbrain, Critical and Methlab, this modern High-Quality Drum and Bass Signature Bundle is set out to put together a timeless music production experience to bring your work to the next level!

High-Quality and quantity handcrafted Serum Presets is what you can expect from this unique library. It delivers you over 80 presets created by Disprove to help you improve your sound quality and inspiration. Disprove Signature is a game changer, it comes with a large choice of bass colors for all types of Drum and bass genres and sub-genres. These Presets are almost unfair, they deliver you top quality and amazing Reece bass colors ready to be customized for your own sound design taste in just a few clicks.
XLN Audio ADpak Funk DAW Addons
Our Funk ADpak is based on a masterpiece: the Pearl Reference drum kit. We recorded it with absolute fidelity in a top studio and had top sound engineers craft the funkiest presets you've ever heard. Craft your own sounds or use any of the 30+ production-ready presets to get to work instantly. The Pearl Reference Series drum kit is a masterpiece. To perfect the sound, Pearl engineered and designed each drum individually. Depending on size and depth, each drum has its own uniqe thickness and combination of wood types for the ultimate sound and resonance. The result is one of the best sounding drum kits on the market, and the choice for many world renowned drummers including Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Dennis Chambers (Santana).

Get instant funk action from over 30 mix-ready presets designed by professional studio engineers. These presets give you instant access to a variety of sounds ranging from clean and tight, to roomy and natural, and even some more heavily processed sounds. You can use these presets as-is or easily edit them to fit your needs. If you need inspiration, our collection of Funk-based MIDIpaks have tons of professionally played beats you can use in your own music.
Sound of Milk and Honey Fast Food DrumLoops Vol.1 WAV
Quick, hard and banging drums for your track. Already mixed and cooked to perfection! Anytime you need to knock out a few quick tracks, just drop in a drum loop and add your music sauce on top! Fast and easy cooking like fast food!
Fragment Audio Neurofunkgrid Vol.1 Bundle WAV Synth Presets
The Neurofunk most awaited Drum & Basss Serum Library & Samplepack Collection!

From Bass presets to HQ Drum Loops, Kick & Snares & FX' has it all!

Capture your audience instantly with this wild pack of heavy and futuristic Neuro sounds. Covering everything from morphing, twisting basslines to hard hitting and up-front drum sounds, this pack features a complete starter kit to take your track to the next level.

Packing 30 Serum presets and a whopping 260 audio files, this pack give you the tools to create a massive tune, or add some extra finishing touches to an existing project. With carefully designed sounds that are mix-ready, you can quickly fill out an arrangement or loop with ease.
Big EDM Future House Aurora WAV MiDi Synth Presets
Ever wanted to make an energetic future house track? The sounds of big horns, exhilarating build-ups, and upbeat danceable drum loops await you inside the latest release from Big EDM. Future House Aurora has a solid collection of perfect sounding leads, bass lines, snare rolls, and more. Layer your way to future house heaven with over 100 different synth and bass loops.

Immerse yourself in a library of sounds that will electrify your skills and make your style shine. With such a great and diverse selection of instrumentation, you'll have everything you need to give your track its own unique individuality.

You will find grove bass lines that capture that future house vibe as well as a refreshing blend of staple sounds mixed with a modernized method. Also included are the tools to create captivating melodic breaks, presets for Serum, Spire, and Sylenth1 that you can use or customize. Future House Aurora was designed to jump-start your creative process while giving you the professional results you want with unsurpassed quality.
ML Sound Lab Mars Silver Cab Pack WAV KIPR Synth Presets
Cab Pack "Mars Silver" is an impulse response (IR) collection based on a Marshall™ 2551BV 4x12 guitar cabinet from 1987 with rare original 70 watt Celestion™ Vintage speakers custom made for Marshall™.


Shure™ SM57
Shure™ SM7B
Shure™ SM58
Royer™ R121
Sennheiser™ e906
Sennheiser™ MD421
Beyerdynamic™ M160
Neumann™ KM184
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