Foolie $URFIN Soundkit Vol.2 WAV
Hey ya'll. I really hope and pray that everyone is doing well during these times. I've been getting into a different wave so this kit will be the same. very random, but cool. Get creative!!


claps n snares: 7
drum loops: 11
Make Pop Music Radio Ready WAV
You need instant radio ready sound and here's why...

As music creators, our job isn't always easy! Our fans and clients expect radio round sound and most of the time they expect it quickly...

We created the Radio Ready sample pack so that you could get that modern radio ready sound instantly and effortlessly. This pack is all killer no filler. It includes over 200 kicks, snares, FX, percussion, and even vocal samples that are ready to be chopped up and made into magnificent vocal hooks.
Make Pop Music Tastemaker WAV
[Manual + Mechanical] A collection of fresh and edgy sounds for modern music creators who aren't bound by genre and like to get f**king weird.

Making Tastemaker was a blast! We covered drum sets with t-shirts and rattles, dropped things and yelled, carefully sampled vintage synths and then processed them abusively. To put it lightly... This pack is eclectic. Created in multiple spaces from Nashville, TN to Charlotte, N.C. with friendly people who love making awesome music. The result was magical.
Make Pop Music Vintage WAV
A sample pack featuring a collection of vinyl inspired drum samples that will fit perfectly into your modern/old school productions. Drums ala Ed Sheeran / ZZ Ward / Lana Del Ray - There's a huge assortment of drum sample folders in this drum kit including Applause, Claps, Crashes, Cymbal Swells, Dust, FX, Hats Closed, Hats Open, Kicks, Randoms, Ride Cymbals, Side Stick, Snares, and Toms!
Brandon Chapa Black Flag Synth Presets
Brandon Chapa is back with the whopping Black Flag (Omnisphere Bank), featuring 100 Omnisphere 2 Patches inspired by Future, Shoreline Mafia, Young Dolph, Lilgotit, Gunna, Doe Boy & Many More.

Brandon Chapa Dark Horse Omnisphere Bank Synth Presets
The genius that brought you Black Magic, Black Swan & so much more is back with Dark Horse Omnisphere Bank. Contains 100 Omnisphere Patches this is incredible value for the quality of sound. You get 10 incredible dark pads, spooky lingering bells as well as choirs and flutes. It's so diverse it even has 12 unique Synths and 14 Bells that sound out of this world.
Make Pop Music Pop Star WAV Synth Presets
Introducing Pop Star from Make Pop Music. This pack is inspired by top 40s records that range from hip hop influenced, to electronic influenced, to indie influenced. This pack has everything you need to make a hit record!

PS includes drum samples, not-so-drum samples, and Serum presets.
Santo Veneno Loop Kit WAV
Contains : 20 Handcrafted dark type of samples by Santo

Dark compositions processed through Analog Gear
Make Pop Music Melodic MIDI Progressions MiDi
If you have trouble getting songs started, or you find yourself dealing with writer's block, or you can't seem to find new chord progressions to inspire your tracks, look no further! With Melodic, you have 200 new, royalty-free MIDI progressions that were played and programmed by a team of professional songwriters, producers, artists, and composers. We have compiled a pack of MIDI Progressions that cover every possible sub-genre, key, tempo, and style you can think of! All of the MIDI files are full musical phrases, including patterns with left hand and right hand progressions, rhythmic patterns, and variable velocities.
AlexGoingCrazy AGC Stash Kit WAV MiDi

1. AGC Template, My Personal Master, Mixer Tracks, 6 Exclusive Loop Kits, Fx Stash, MORE CUSTOM AGC Sauce (Channel States), 10 Hihat Midi's, and 2 Updated Email Lists
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