Dirty Production Dirty Hip Hop Tools WAV MiDi FL Studio Template
'Dirty: Hip Hop Tools' by Dirty Production is an Urban pack that contains 10 true Hip Hop & R'n'B Construction Kits and one exclusive FL Studio template. MIDI and presets are provided. If you are looking for ultimate beats and inspiration, this pack is created right for you. 

You'll find 1 GB of the most stunning Urban sounds and melodies. MIDI and dry loops are included. If you are looking for some extraordinary sounds and fresh ideas for your mixes this pack is definitely for you.
Sounds And Effects The Resonant Drop KONTAKT
'The Resonant Drop' makes great accents for most styles of Electronica and Dance music. Not all science fiction envisions either the future or the vast depths of uncharted space as just a vast playground of wondrous beauty, while back home exists a near-perfect Earth based utopian society where all problems have been solved and all humanity now lives in harmony.

Dirty Production Dirty Universe Trap Kits WAV MiDi
'Dirty: Universe Trap Kits' by Dirty Production is a stunning pack loaded with 10 chilled, deep and spacy Construction Kits. 

You'll find 3.8 GB of breast-pumping basses, perfectly produced drums and melodies.

MIDI and dry loops are included. 
Academy.FM Cymatics Tension FX WAV
Producers always underestimate the importance of FX in a song.

The right FX will turn a stale arrangement into an exciting adventure. Without them, you are left with a bunch of parts that don’t connect and have no flow or energy.

Adding FX also happens to be a part of producing that is a PAIN IN THE BUTT!
Loopmasters Real Drums Vol.1 Vintage Gretsch MULTiFORMAT
Loopmasters proudly announce the first in a brand new series of multi sampled acoustic drum kits containing multiple velocity layers and round robin techniques that allow for incredible expressive drum performances. Whether you program up drums by hand or choose to trigger from a MIDI controllers the Real Drums series allow for perfect natural sounding drum tracks every time.

First Up for the Real Drums Series is a wonderful Vintage Gretsch Kit played with Drum Sticks meticulously recorded at Broadoak Studios by producer Harvey Summers, using an eclectic array of stunning vintage mics and equipment in their wonderfully vibey and great sounding live room. 
Sounds And Effects Glitches And Zaps MULTiFORMAT
'Glitches & Zaps' provides you with an assortment of samples designed to accent almost any style of modern Electronic music, from Hip Hop through to Alt-Rock and beyond. Many styles can benefit from these glitches, zaps, buzzes, jolts and bit-reduced...

Sounds And Effects Hidden Objects Percussion WAV
'Hidden Objects Percussion' features percussive hits and loops of all sorts of real world sonic treasures. Played with various articulations, featuring percussive hits and loops of rusty iron objects clanging or scraping, rubber snapped or stretched, plastic wrap stretched and drummed upon, styrofoam rubbed or struck, huge steel bands stretched tight or being struck and boing-ing, and so much more.

Academy.FM Everything You Need To Know About Ableton’s GUI Pt 1 TUTORiAL
Ableton’s GUI is incredibly extensive, but getting to know it can only speed up your workflow! In Part 1 of a two part series, Ableton aficionado Jerry explains the ins and outs of Ableton’s GUI – giving you a better understanding of everything that goes into this spectacular DAW

Technique Sounds Progressive House and Mainroom Studio Inspirations WAV MiDi
Technique Sounds Progressive House & Mainroom Studio Inspirations

Technique Sounds are proud to announce the release of our 7th Studio Production Tools Sample Pack - Progressive House & Mainroom Studio Inspirations.

This pack is full to the brim with essential sounds for any Progressive House & Mainroom producer looking to add some fire into your music productions, inside this piece of ear candy is an array of inspiring and uplifting WAV's and MIDI files that will add a breath of fresh air to your future tracks.

TBProAudio Euphonia v1.9.3 READ NFO-R2R
Euphonia is an optimal audio spectrum balancing plugin which equalizes automatically any audio input based on a few standard average spectrum curves.
These few standard curves have the advantage that they work very well with the majority of audio devices.