ProducerTech Producers Guide to Spire TUTORiAL
Reveal Sound’s soft synth Spire has quickly become a standard in the plugin collection of most aspiring producers, with its powerful feature set and impressive audio quality allowing the creation of a huge range of desirable sounds. In this 3-hour course from Producertech senior tutor Rob Jones, you’ll be taken through every section of the plugin interface and shown a multitude of techniques for designing a variety of different patches.

Spire’s 4-oscillator sound engines offer a host of unique options for the type of synthesis, with amplitude, pulse width and frequency modulation all available, as well as a sync mode. This is further enhanced by a double waveform feature, where the first waveform is selectable from all standard oscillator types and the second from a long list of sample-based waveforms, which can be combined independently in each oscillator and made to interact in weird and wonderful ways. 
Noiiz Lowercase Sounds WAV
We’ve partnered with Paul Rez to create a truly eclectic collection of abstract textures and incidentals created by experimenting with the human body, a piano soundboard, gongs, xylophones, crystal bowls and more. Lowercase is a relatively new genre which focuses on quiet sounds, texture and ambience.

We used a variety of beaters, mallets, flumis, brushes and fingers to create rhythmic and arhythmic textures ready to drop straight into your project. All recorded in high quality through an all-analog signal chain, the result is an intimate collection of sounds that have exceptional detail, richness and depth - all ready for you to experiment with further.
Rogue Amoeba Loopback v2.1.0 MacOSX
Suddenly, it's easy to pass audio between applications on your Mac. Create virtual audio devices to take the sound from applications and audio input devices, then send it to audio processing applications. Loopback gives you the power of a high-end studio mixing board, right inside your computer!

Combine Audio Sources

Configuring a virtual audio device from multiple sources is easy. Just add the applications and physical audio devices you want to include to the Audio Sources table to get started.
ProducerTech Classic House Production and Sound Design TUTORiAL
Maison Records owner Ian Bland returns to Producertech to deliver another course on constructing a classic house track from scratch, this time in Logic Pro. Using almost exclusively Logic’s built-in instruments and effects, Ian shows how to design bass grooves, leads, pads, vocals and more, then arrange and mix them into a professional-sounding track.

The completed track, ‘Living for the Moment’, which has now been released on Rebel Eye under his alias Dancing Divaz, is supplied with the course in mastered and pre-mastered format. Ian also goes under aliases Hollywood Hills, Quake, Dejure, Blandy and many others, releasing on a host of popular labels, as well as his own label Maison Records. His impressive discography includes remixes for Queen and Prince, and dates right back to his formation of legendary rave outfit Dream Frequency in 1990!
Noiiz Mythik Bass by AceMyth WAV
Detroit-based music producer AceMyth has collaborated with Noiiz to bring you Mythik Bass, an exclusive collection of dark and dirty samples perfectly designed for making Trap, Dubstep and EDM music.

This expansive pack contains 200 hand-crafted sounds including powerful kicks and snares, gnarly basses, spooky melodies, hype vocal chants and much more.

If you’re looking to add a radical, shadowy edge to your musical productions, search no further than ‘Mythik Bass’.
Noiiz Hyperdrive by TMSV WAV
‘Hyperdrive’ is full of hard-hitting drums, chest-rattling bass, shimmering synths, spaced-out FX and more, this pack by TMSV was inspired by the cross-pollination between drum & bass and the beats scene.

Designed for optimal flexibility, ‘Hyperdrive’ delivers crisp sound design suitable for straight hip hop, experimental rap or low-slung halftime weirdness.
Noiiz Foley Shakers WAV
Bored of that egg shaker? So are we! This pack is full of interesting handmade shakers including tin cans of bottle caps, glasses of coins, ball bearings crashing in metallic tins and ceramic pots full of screws. You’ll also find a range of varying rhythms and loops recorded at 70BPM all the way up to 165BPM, ready to drop into your project.
Producer Loops Symphonic Series Vol.7 Piano Orchestra 2 ACiD WAV AiFF
'Symphonic Series Vol 7: Piano & Orchestra 2' is the next chapter in this epic series of high-end products bringing you five stunning & original compositions. At just over 2.5 GB of uncompressed content, you'll find unsurpassed quality and a feature set to satisfy even the most demanding producer, spread across a variety of formats including OMF arrangements.

Stern Muzik raises the bar once again with 'Symphonic Series Vol 7: Piano & Orchestra 2'. Within each of the five expertly produced and composed Construction Kits you'll find delicate and emotive piano work, interlaced with gorgeous string arrangements and percussive embellishments.
Noiiz Deep Trap by Theos WAV
Théos joins Noiiz with a dark and brooding collection of sounds in ’Deep Trap’. Delve into a stunning collection of experimental percussive textures, experimental synths, beautiful pads, heavy-hitting 808’s and drums with contrasting chilled keys perfect for sculpting the perfect trap production. ’Deep Trap’ has plenty of laid back moments but is also snarling with attitude.

This collection has been designed with Trap in mind, but with wide-ranging applications for ambient, house, pop, downtempo and more. Throw ‘Deep Trap’ into your productions and see what you can create.
Mondo Loops Lofi Magic Vol Vol.2 WAV
This is the follow up pack to Lofi Guitar Magic Vol #1, this one is focusing on guitar and piano loops with a jazzy / lofi hip hop vibe. Extended Version contains;

8x Guitar loops with added layers and melodies to accompany
4x Piano and E Piano Loop sets (chords/melodies to match)
5x Drum loops with individual stems included