Sound Invaders EDM Labor of Love VOL.2 WAV-AUDIOSTRiKE
This is the second volume of the EDM Labor of Love series, bringing you even more of the sounds we love. 

Inside you will find 5 feature tracks, all constructed with the samples found inside. 

You get the full session stems totaling 135, 151 loops, 75 hits and FX for the feature tracks to use in your own masterpieces. 

Included is 3.76GB of synths, basses, kicks, claps, snares, cymbals, percussion,and FX. 

You will find 361 samples at 126, 128, and 130 BPM, 24bit, 44.1K. 

This hard-hitting EDM product covers a wide range of styles to give you an amazing sonic palette to work from.

This product contains the following: 

• 361 total samples @ 126, 128, and 130bpm 24bit 44.1K 

• 75 Hits and FX samples including; 
7 claps, 9 kicks, 10 snares, 7 hats, 12 cymbals, 26 FX and 4 percussion hits 

• 151 loops including; 
71 synth/instrument, 17 bass, 50 drum/percussion and 13 cymbal/hat loops 

• 135 full track stems
Hyperion Sublime Tropical For Ni MASSiVE NSMV
Sublime Tropical is the essential Preset Pack for producing music featuring tropical elements and motifs. This pack contains 70 sounds with many tropical favorites: A plethora of leads to choose from including many different flutes from breathtaking KYGO inspired sounds to more acoustic Pan Flutes and even includes the electro-dynamic Zen Flute, along with many other popular lead sounds. 

The pack is ripe with sounds intended for chord voicing, from tropical Matoma inspired Stabs to deep trance plucks and organs; and bass sounds to provide a solid foundation to your tracks, from smooth Subs and 808 bass to Deep House basses. 

This pack features many sounds popularized by big name producers such as Avicii, Kygo, Thomas Jack, Matoma, Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Thero, Swedish House Mafia, Flume, Disclosure, etc…

It is obvious - this pack has you covered - containing everything you need foundationally to get started making awe inspiring sound immediately, as well as meticulously macroed patches for amazing timbre modulation and automation control for advanced producers. 

It is a no brainer - if you are making tropical music you simply have got to have these sounds in your arsenal. period. 

With over 70 Massive presets plus additional custom kick drum samples that feature full tone and snappy transients - a must in house music, this pack really is all you need to make fantastic music both tropical and otherwise!

• 26 Brilliant Leads including Kygo / Matoma Flutes, Anthemic Festivals Synths
• 23 Stunning Chord sounds from Matoma inspired Plucks and Rich Stacatto Stabs to Emulated Analogue Organs
• 17 Rich Basses to rattle your teeth from Plucks to deep booming 808′s
• 4 Knocking Kicks with crisp transients backed by rich tone

...::: Please Note :::...
• Requires Massive 1.3 and up
Volko Audio Volko Baglama v2.0 WiN/MAC-UNION
Your Turkish Folk Instrument
Baglama or 'saz' is a folk instrument whose history goes back more than 1000 years, to a time when Turks first started settling in Anatolia.

For centuries poets reflected their deepest emotions with baglama and it became an essential instrument for all kinds of traditional celebrations, including weddings. Meanwhile the instrument's popularity spread from Asia to Anatolia, to Rumelia and even to some parts of Europe. It is still one of Anatolia's dearest and most precious sounds.


Chromatic tones
Coma sounds
Individual baglama voices
Chordal sounds
379 MB 24/44.1 high quality sample library
5 channels
Limiter and reverb

Engineering Samples Underground Techno Tools Vol.1
„Underground Techno Tools Vol.1" is the latest Output of Engineering Samples.

Inspired by some of the global Players in Techno Music like Ben Clock, Marcel Dettman and Adam Beyer we used loads of analogue gear and Synthesizers to create a new outstanding sample collection. (for details see listing below)

Packed with over 190 MB full of hard hitting, analogue sounds this release is designed to keep the floor moving. Recorded at Tempos ranging from 126-128 BPM producer Alexander Baldeweg provides you with fat kicks, gritty Basslines, dark Ambiences and cutting edge drum loops.

We did things in style and used as much analogue equipment as possible like Roland Juno-6, Roland System 100, Roland TR 606, Roland TB 303, Arturia Mini Brute, Korg Volca Keys and even a Doepfer A100 System.

All Bassline Loops are available with & without Sidechain-Compression for maximum flexibility.

Every Construction Kit includes up to 15 single loops, allowing for countless combination and rearrangements.

In Detail you get:

- 6 construction kits with up to 15 single loops including BPM information
- 84 Loops & Samples at all
- Kick Drums, Basslines, Ambiences, Drum Loops ...
- Downloadsize: 190 MB
- 44 kHz / 24 Bit

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in: 
• House
• Minimal
• Sound FX
Loopoholics Rhythm Of My Life Vol.1 Future House Construction Kits
'Rhythm Of My Life Vol. 1: Future House Construction Kits' from Loopoholics shows what House music is all about. You'll find uplifting piano progressions, fat basslines, punchy drums, and everything you need to create the freshest House tracks. This time Loopoholics are also giving you 20 bonus loops. This pack is on target to destroy dancefloors worldwide.
The collection features six Construction Kits in a tempo range from 123 to 125 BPM. Loopoholics brings you 104 WAV loops and 11 MIDI files including vocals, future basslines, Pianos, punchy drums, swishes, wobbles, sax, and more.
All loops are Royalty-free so you can use them into your commercial compositions with no extra costs. 
Kit 1:
• 125 BPM
• Key B
• 19 WAV, 3 MIDI
Kit 2:
• 125 BPM
• Key F     
• 19 WAV, 1 MIDI
Kit 3:
• 125 BPM
• Key C   
• 20 WAV, 2 MIDI
Kit 4:
• 124 BPM
• Key F
• 13 WAV, 2 MIDI
Kit 5:
• 124 BPM
• Key F#
• 12 WAV, 2 MIDI
Kit 6:
• 123 BPM
• Key C
• 11 WAV, & 1 MIDI
Technical Speficications:
• 44.1 kHz/24-Bit Quality WAV
• 308 MB
• 6 Construction Kits
• 20 Bonus Loops
• 104 Loops In Total
• 11 MIDI Files
• All Kits tempo and key-labelled
Hitmakers Sound Of Future House
A contemporary super-hyped collection of 1.3GB of Wav, Apple and Rex2 loops, MIDI, hits and kits for the freshest sound of now. Channelling the pumping, epic sounds of Oliver Heldens, Tchami and Tujamo, Future House seamlessly fuses rolling house grooves with EDM production techniques.
Beats - 150 thick, punchy and swinging deep and tech-house grooves. All associated stems supplied. 
Bass - 50 solid, heavy and punishing basslines super-charged for impact.
FX  - A varied selection of 50 one-shot sweepers, dirty rises, swooshes and subby bombs for rich and dynamic transitions.
Leads, Pads and Arps - 50 soaring, piercing leads and pulsing melodic chords and keys.
Construction Kits  - 6 complete Future house workouts designed to kick-start your next track. Served with full mix, broken out stems and associated MIDI as well as key and tempo-labeled for convenience.
All files are presented as pristine 24-bit wav loops.
All loops are tempo-synced at 125bpm and melodic files are key-labeled and offered with complimentary MIDI files as standard.
24 Bit Quality 965MB 150 Drum Loops 50 Bass Loops 50 FX One Shots 50 Synth Loops 6 Construction Kits (125 Files) 250 Rex2 Files 85 MIDI Files
Platinum Sounds Ultimate Trap One Shots
'Ultimate Trap One-Shots' offers you over 281 essential and high quality Trap one-shots. If you are a fan of Trap and heavyweight artists like DJ Snake and Major Lazer, then this pack is for you.
Contained within this product are over 280 one-shots. Ranging from incredible 808 kick drums to the best leads and plucks, each kick and melodic one-shot has been exported in all keys to allow you to easily create your own melodic pattern. 
As well as the kicks and melodic one-shots you will also find drum hits, such as hats, claps, snares and more.
Product Details:
• 130 808 Kicks all keys (mastered and unmastered)
• 152 Melodic & drum shots; leads, plucks, snares, claps & hats
Ambersonic Samples Deep House Studio Tools
Ambersonic Samples is proud to present our 1st release, Deep house Studio Tools within our brand new range of professional sample packs for your studio productions.

Ambersonic Samples team has merged deep within to bring you quality samples and midi to help you get creative and inspired within your music productions. 

Deep House Studio Tools is full to the bucket of essential sounds for any deep house producers and first timers looking to add some storm into your music productions, inside this pack there is an arrange of inspiring and uplifting Chords, Melodies, Pads & Basses, deep stomping drums as well as 4 jam packed construction kits that will make your creativity flowing.

Ambersonic Sample's Deep House Studio Production Tools has taken depth of inspiration from some of the worlds biggest deep house producers to bring you instant creativity within the studio.

•200 x Bass Loops Wav
• 200 x Pad Loops Wav
• 22 x Piano Loops Wav
• 154 x Rhodes Loops Wav
• 28 x Melody Loops Wav
• 60 x Note Stabs Wav
• 20 x String Loops Wav
• 30 x Drum Loops 122bpm Wav
• 30 x Drum Loops 125bpm Wav
• 10 x Top Loops 122bpm Wav
• 10 x Top Loops 125bpm Wav
• 5 x One Shot Kick
• 5 x One Shot Snare
• 10 x One Shot Cymbal
• 5 x One Shot Open Hat
• 5 One Shot Closed Hat
• 5 x One Shot Tom Hit
• 5 x Drum Fills
• 23 x Percussion Hits
• 10 x FX
• 200 x Bass Midi
• 20 x Pads Midi
• 22 x Piano Midi
• 28 x Melody MIDI
• 1 x Demo/Info
• 4 x Construction kits
• 100% Royalty Free

Ambersonic Sample's Deep House Studio Tools is compatible with:

• Mac
• Windows
• All major DAWS 

*Other Genres that this package may be useful in: 
• Minimal
• Sound FX
• Tech House
ModeAudio Bang Deep House Drum Samples WAV
'Bang - Deep House Drum Samples' comes from a very special place in ModeAudio’s percussive production arsenal. Precision-designed to resonate your body in lock-step with the included cavernous kicks, the raw power of bottomless sub bass will swirl the air all around you. 

This collection of 314 full-phat drum samples has been crafted for one purpose only - to slam the awe-inspiring rush of the sound system straight into your music!

Packed to the brim with explosive percussive energy, this release shudders with the electric intensity of cutting-edge drum sound design and processing. 

Find your way from beneath the sheer weight of the included drum hits and you’ll find 72 earth-shattering kick samples, 50 blisteringly punchy snares, 75 crisp and sharp hi hats (open and closed) and 40 super-snappy claps to place on the very edge of your Deep House beats. 

The rhythmic euphoria doesn't stop there however, with 77 slinky shakers, handfuls of electrifying SFX, sizzling crash cymbals, punchy snare rims and powerful toms rounding out the collection.

...::: Pack Contents :::...

• 314 Drum Samples
• 72 Kick Samples
• 50 Snare Samples
• 75 Hi-Hat Samples (Open & Closed)
• 40 Clap Samples
• 19 Shaker Samples
• 28 FX & Percussion Samples
• 10 Crash Cymbal Samples
• 10 Snare Rim Samples
• 10 Tom Samples
ModeAudio Continuum For SYLENTH1 FXB MiDi
The air is dry and completely still around tall sand dunes, the silence disturbed only by the soft hissing of shifting patterns of grains calmness enveloping sweeping contours of sound, from the jagged to the silky smooth, is a natural element of Ambient music - this is the dense, richly detailed sonic world explored in our latest release, Continuum - Sylenth1 Ambient Presets!

From shape-shifting, fluttering Pads and immersive, tingling Synth Textures to colourful, characterful Synth Chords and dynamic, sparkling Plucks, this .fxb bank of 50 Sylenth1 presets is tailor-made for productions encompassing Ambient, Chillwave and Cinematic sound design.

The musical blueprint for these sounds makes extensive use of Sylenth1’s impressive analogue synthesis emulation, whilst the versatility of its oscillators has allowed us to programme in the detail and complexity of real-world sounds into each and every preset.

Featuring a full set of assignments for the mod wheel and velocity parameters, every single preset included in this Ambient sound bank is primed for playability and expression. From careful filter and phase modulation, subtle detuning and FX application to satisfying oscillator blending, envelope control and beyond, Sylenth1's every parameter has been pressed into service for maximum depth, variation and sonic intrigue.

With all of this sonic potential at your fingertips, adding these sounds to your arsenal will ensure your next production will glow and resonate with the intangible delights of analogue synthesis!

Adjust the focus, expand the depth of field and saturate the colours - set your sonic scene in unprecedented detail by downloading Continuum - Sylenth1 Ambient Presets today!

...::: Pack Contents :::...

• 14 Synth Pads
• 14 Synth Textures
• 11 Synth Chords
• 11 Synth Plucks
• 50 MIDI Loops (Key-Labelled)
• Genre: Ambient, Downtempo, House, Minimal