Fox Samples Progressive Summer
"Progressive Summer” from Fox Samples is a hot product . Bringing you five unique construction kits of the best EDM. Each of these tracks, have that drop that will make the crowd go crazy! Get your hands on this one and get ready to pump it up!


1- Five construction kits at 128bpm

2- Midi Files

3- 24bit WAV files

4- All loops are tempo and Key labeled

5- Over 560 MB of content

6- 100% Royalty Free
Fox Samples Ghetto Tears
"GHETTO TEARS” from Fox Samples contains 5 Bangin Hip Hop Construction Kits. Filled with rich Strings arrangements, melodic choirs, large pianos, and deep synths, all combining to give you dark, yet very melodic Hip Hop tracks.


1- Midi Files

2- Standard/Acidized WAVs at 24 bit

3- All loop tempos and keys

4- Over 420 MB of content

5- 100% Royalty Free
W.A Production What About Oriental EDM and Trap
'What about: Oriental EDM & Trap' is a brand new and exclusive pack from W. A. Produciton that brings 12 huge and stunning Construction Kits inspired by top charting EDM artists. This product provides Kits that mix Oriental elements and melodies with the most awesome EDM sounds and samples. Real acoustic instruments, ancient melodies, and unique drop sounds, all 100% Royalty-Free.

Inside 'What about: Oriental EDM & Trap' you will find seven Electro House and five Trap Construction Kits, as well as MIDI and full octaves of all kicks. That means more than 140 of the finest kick samples that you can use and combine as you want.

Authentic ancient Oriental melodies are one of the most powerful elements of this great pack and allow you to bring something special and extraordinary to your mixes. 

Only the best and the biggest drum samples, synths, FXs and original vocals. Every single track has a different vibe and includes verses, builds ups and drops to offer you a huge range of possibilities.

Drop tracks are rendered with sidechain and without as well as compressed and uncompressed to give you maximum freedom. Everything is supplied as 100% Royalty-Free and ready to drag and drop right into your mix. What About making your EDM tracks sound even more Oriental?

Product Details:

• 12 Construction Kits
• Original Oriental Instruments
• 12 Full Octave Kick Packs
• 144 Kick Samples
• ACIDized WAV Files
• MIDI Included
• PC/Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free
W.A Production Bigger Than Ever FX Essentials 1
'Bigger Than Ever: FX Essentials 1' is currently the biggest FX pack from W.A. Production to date, containing 450 files perfectly suited to all EDM, Urban and Dance genres. Inside you will find a vast collection of powerful FX samples and loops, all 100% Royalty-Free.

In detail you'll find all the essential elements including low, high and complex impacts, risers, sweeps, One-Shots, white noise FX and a big variety of fills totalling over 900 MB of Royalty-Free content.

'Bigger Than Ever: FX Essentials 1' has been processed by many advanced sound design techniques to ensure that each sample is uniquely coloured and full of power.

Featuring complex impacts ranging from sharp & high to subby & fat, you'll also find a variety of atmospheric risers and sweeps, build-ups, fresh One-Shots, massive fills and much more.

Product Includes:

• 450 Samples
• 50 High impacts
• 50 Low impacts
• 30 Complex impacts
• 50 Uplifters
• 50 Sweeps
• 40 Fills
• 100 One-Shots
• 80 White noise FX
• 900+ MB of content
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Multi-Genre
W.A Production What About House Rhythm Guitar
'What about: House Rhythm Guitar' is a unique pack from W.A. Production for all House and EDM producers out there. This product contains 16 catchy and useful guitar riffs divided into more than 230 guitar loops. Each riff folder contains the whole octave of loops, meaning less audio glitching as a result of pitch shifting.

These loops are designed to bring a fresh organic vibe to your mix, all recorded at 128 BPM and all 100% Royalty-Free.

'What about: House Rhythm Guitar' is designed to bring the unmistakable acoustic and organic feeling to your mixes that only a real guitar can provide.

All of these loops were recorded and produced in a professional Miami studio, so every sample has that perfect commercial feeling. 
What about making your tracks proffesional?

Product Details:

• 16 Core guitar riffs
• 235 Guitar loops in total
• Full octave range for each riff
• Loops sync to BPM
• ACIDized WAV files
• PC/Mac compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free
Udemy Singing From Scratch Learn How To Sing TUTORiAL
From Tone Deaf to Master of Pitch in one course. Learn the rock solid foundations of singing and master being in tune.

This course is all about learning how to sing in tune. It is all about mastering the ability to be on pitch and in tune. Before breath control, warm-ups, posture, resonance, shaping, and any other various real or imagined vocal techniques, one has to be able to simply sing in tune. Otherwise you are just yelling in an interesting manner.

If you have ever been told you were tone deaf or think you are tone deaf but want to sing, this course is for you. The gradual fundamental basics provided in this course will give you an unshakable ability to not only sing in tune, but sing well. And if you already can sing, this course may very well fill in those gaps in ability that you didn't even know existed.

I don't go into a bunch of flourish and filler and so forth. The majority of this course is practical exercises, called drills, that are done in a specific order designed to build the correct singing foundation. Along with these drills are downloadable versions of the drill instructions for you further unlimited use.

Taken from the first part of my book, Singing From Scratch, this course provides you the ability to sing in tune and the the tools needed to hone and master that ability to whatever extent you wish.
Udemy Spice up your playing with some easy Flamenco techniques! TUTORiAL
An introduction to the exotic sound of Flamenco guitar

Flamenco is a genre of music and dance native to the southern region of Spain referred to as Andelusia. The genre features percussive dance, hand clapping and finger snapping. The guitar style encompasses all this by the use of a myriad of right and left hand techniques.

The songs and dances of flamenco music originated among the gypsy people of southern Spain, and it is now familiar all over the world. It has gained immense popularity in certain regions. Astoundingly enough, there are more flamenco academies in Japan than there are in Spain. Here is your opportunity to tap into the rich heritage of the Flamenco style of guitar playing, wherever you may be in the world.

This course is meant to familiarize you with flamenco techniques on the classical guitar. You will learn the essential techniques of flamenco guitar playing that you can apply to your current style of playing or use as a stepping stone for further study of flamenco guitar. For example, you could play a song like "Freight Train" in a rhumba rhythm that you learn in this course. It would be the same song, just a little spicier!

You will learn the following techniques in this course:

Arpeggio variations
Rhumba Strumming
Falsetta variations
Four and five stroke Razquiado variations
You can take a free five minute preview of this course. You will see inside that all the lessons are done in two parts. The first video is a performance of the technique. The second is a tutorial where Jay your instructor explains the technique and shows you exactly how to do it. The videos feature separate views of the right and left hand so you won't have trouble seeing what he's playing. The video player that is used for this course is awesome. It lets you slow down the speed of the video to 50% without changing the pitch. So, if you're going through some videos and the playing is just too fast for you, you can slow it down and and learn until you're ready to bump the speed back up.

When you finish this course, you will have a good knowledge of the various techniques that are used in Flamenco guitar playing. You'll be able to look at Paco DeLucia and tell what technique he is employing in order to produce awesome sounds on his guitar.

Check out the course for five minutes and see all the techniques you have access to. You'll be able to spice up your guitar playing in no-time!
Bigcat Instruments Axis 80 KONTAKT
Richard Taylor sampled many analog synths and released the results into the Public Domain. bigcat instruments has started turning them into Kontakt instruments.

Thanks to scripts and GUI from Mickaël Ménager, each synth will feature effects such as distortion and compression along with built in amp simulation.

The first Taylor sampled synth, the Axis 80 has just been released. It has over 2500 samples and weighs in at a touch under 2 gigs compressed.
Music Weapons Boom Bap Drum Loops Vol 1 WAV
The reason i started music weapons is quite simple, i had always felt there was a hole in the market for real authentic boom-bap drum sounds. People had always complimented me on my drum tones and my drums in general throughout my whole career. Every beat i would create a new kit, i still to this day. 

In fact the whole Drum Weapons 2 library was directly bounced kits out of beats i had previously made. That changed the game for alot of people. 

Drum Weapons was a hit worldwide and orders were pouring in people loved that they finally found what they were looking for and that was real authentic boom-bap drum kits dripping with character. Well it has been nearly 3 years since i released drum weapons and i feel i should change the game again. 

This time im digging deeper and giving you the loops even. Now you can directly just lay the loop in there and lace a sample over it, change it up up the BPM change the mix, chop it up. Just as you would any other drum break. 

The difference is these are BOOM-BAP DRUM LOOPS. If you are an experienced sampler you can just rearrange the kit itself. The possibilities are endless. 

Each Loop is expertly made by me vherbal, mixed and edited professionally and is LABELED WITH THE BPM to sync with your project. All bounced through a majestic neve console for added butteriness. They are in standard 16-Bit 44.1 Khz WAV Format and can be used in any software or hardware. 

...::: This Kit Includes :::...
• 50 Off The Chain Super-Ill Boom-Bap Drum Loops
Mainroom Warehouse Main Arena Club Nights Midi MiDi
Mainroom Warehouse are proud to present ‘Main Arena Club Nights Midi’ featuring 50 x Top Class EDM Midi Files. Inspired by all the top artists including Martin Garrix, Borgeous, DVBBS, Showtek, Jay Hardway, Hardwell, Nicky Romero and much more. 

Advantages of Midi Files allows you to go extremes of pitch and tempo beyond which loops were originally recorded, with no time stretching or pitch shifting artefacts also allowing you to make tweaks to the riff so they fit perfect into your own mixes, you can also pick your favourite synth or sampler to create your sound. 

...::: Whats In The Pack? :::...
• 50 x Top Class Main Arena Club Midi Files. 
• 1 x Folder Of Midis Used In The Demo. 
• 100% Royalty Free.