Lucid Samples SeqTech Loops WAV
SeqTech Loops is a set of straight and great looped hardware synthesizers sound sequences. The sounds in this sample pack explore electronic, experimental, techno or industrial areas. All loops are in DRY version (no effects applied). Tempo of all loops is set to 128 BPM.
Udemy Music Theory Vol.I Basic Terminology TUTORiAL
Understanding the Basics

Do you want to start playing a musical instrument? Maybe you are already studying by your own or you are a self-taught person. Perhaps you are curious person and you want to understand music language better. If this is your case, this course is for you.
Overloud Gem EQ495 v1.0.0.CE-V.R
EQ495 is the Overloud emulation of a very rare and legendary analog EQ

Originally created for a vinyl transfer console, this EQ has then been used for both mixing and mastering thanks to its super musical curves.

Overloud Gem Comp76 v1.0.0 CE-V.R
Comp76 FET Compressor-Limiter

The revolutionary simulation of legendary fet compressor-limiter beyond the hardware.

Lynda Learning FL Studio TUTORiAL
Get started making music with the popular one-stop shop for music production, FL Studio. Author Garrick Chow shows you how to set up your inputs and outputs and then moves straight into building drum tracks, layering in other instruments and samples, recording MIDI, and creating patterns with the program's step sequencer. He also covers the Playlist window, using it to combine patterns and arrange your song with pattern clips, as well as edit audio and automate volume. Finally, Garrick moves to the Mixer, where he demonstrates how to add plugins, set up signal routing for effects like EQ and reverb, and export your final files
Overloud Gem TAPEDESK v1.0.1 CE-V.R
TAPEDESK: full analog mixing workflow into a plugin

Overloud TAPEDESK combines a Tape Machine and multiple Console models into a single plugin, to replicate the warm tones of an analog mixing workflow.
Overloud Gem EQ84 v1.1.0 CE-V.R

Overloud EQ84 is the simulation of one of the most renowned Discrete Class A British EQ, used in countless hits from the ‘70s to nowadays. All the components of the original circuit have been modeled, including the rich harmonics and saturations that naturally occur when the equalizer is operating.
Trap Lean 808 FLAME WAV
Prepare to shake the walls with these deep basses, perhaps the deepest bass sounds you’ve ever had for your production.

This new sample pack from Trap Lean is essential to House, Trap, Hip-Hop, Garage, Grime, Dubstep, DnB, Electro, EDM and behind!

The Korruption Music All Money In WAV

‘ALL MONEY IN: RUN A LAP‘ is the first foray into vocal, drum and samples created by The Korruption Music. While on route to monumentalize this release. The astonishing sounds you will find inside this package is like no other! This highly anticipated project pays tribute to the ‘ALL MONEY IN‘ CEO and artist, Nipsey Hussle alongside his label mates. These vocals which include one-shot vocals, drum sounds and samples ranging from sharp adlibs, to crisp drum sounds will add the emotion and euphoric feeling that Nipsey Hussle and his label mates have been known to bring to records.
Zynaptiq PITCHMAP v1.6.1.Incl Keygen-R2R

PITCHMAP is the world's first and only plug-in that allows processing the pitch of individual sounds within mixed signals in real-time. It lets you change the melodies and harmonies of any recording by simply playing your own on a MIDI keyboard or creating a pitch map using our stream-lined GUI, and optionally corrects any tuning issues at the same time. As if that weren't enough, PITCHMAP provides functions to suppress individual sounds within a mix, and can apply advanced synthesizer-like sound transformations to your audio. In short, it is an inspiring musical instrument, a precision corrective tool and the only processor that literally lets you shape music with your hands.