Studio Trap 808 Plug WAV
Studio Trap presents "808 Plug" your go to 808 arsenal jam packed with 50 custom 808's that will make your beats bang!

Sonic Academy How To Make Bass House in Logic Pro X with Codes TUTORiAL
Sonic Academy drops a large How To Make Bass House in Logic Pro, inviting brand new tutor Codes to the party as he takes us from start to finish on how he built his track 'Baby'.

Hailing from New York, Codes has been slanging club records to the underground for sometime now and with funky sample-flipping productions along with releases on Dirtybird, Night Bass, STMPD, This Ain't Bristol, IN/ Rotation, Psycho Disco and Country Club Disco and the launch of his own label 'Holy Molé', the future's looking pretty good for Codes right now.
Alonso Sound Revealed Recordings Vocal Chops Vol.1 WAV
Revealed Vocal Chops Vol. 1 is a collection of 100 vocal samples ready to use in your next Revealed track.

You'll find 50 looped samples for both both dry and wet versions, so you can find the right sound to finish your track. Use them to add emotional atmosphere to your breaks or use as a riff in your drops. To speed up your workflow, all samples are labeled by their root key.

Reveal Yourself.

Revealed Vocal Chops Vol. 1 - DETAILS
Noiiz Amp Artefacts WAV
‘Amp Artefacts’ includes a plethora of electric guitar amp switches and input jack sounds, wailing feedback effects, broken pedal squeals, smashed reverb tanks and electronic amp textures. Perfect for adding a live or imperfect feel to your track. Try experimenting with feedback to create unique pads, or using the switches and reverb tanks in your drum tracks.

PUREMIX How To Listen Vintage Gear Edition Episode 1 Tape Machines TUTORiAL
For many years, tape machines have been coveted as the key to many colorful words associated with the sound of analog recording.

In the latest entry to our How To Listen Series, Fab Dupont and Chris Mara (producer, engineer, and owner of the Nashville based recording studio, "Welcome To 1979") sit down with a Mara Machines JH-110 1/4" and 1/2" machine to run multiple mixes through them for the purpose of quantifying the sound of printing mixes to tape.

The examples chosen for the video represent a wide array of musical genres to help identify which format; digital, 1/2" or 1/4" tape; might be best for each piece of music.
Ultrasonic Future House Essentials Vol.1 DAW Templates Synth Presets
This Pack includes:

➜72 Serum Presets
➜82 Sylenth1 Presets
➜82 Spire Presets
➜394 One Shots & Drum Loops
➜5 Project Files for FL Studio 20
Drum and Lace Leaves 001 WAV
Sometimes the best sounds come from things we don't even think about- as is the case with dried leaves. This pack is the first in a series of leaf sounds. Within this pack are various sounds of dry leaves being dragged and moved around, some of which sound like digitally generated glitch. Great to use as is for sound design or to use as a starting point to create more intricate and granulated layers of sound.

Groove3 Thorn Explained TUTORiAL
Larry Holcombe delivers detailed DS Audio Thorn videos! Learn Thorn from the ground up, all of its features and functions, including how to create patches from scratch. These Thorn tutorials are designed for those who are new to the Thorn virtual synth, as well as intermediate Thorn users.

Larry starts the series off with a detailed look at Thorn's basic architecture and interface, including Spectral Synthesis theory, which is the synthesis method on which Thorn is based. Next, Larry covers Thorn's oscillators, real-time oscillator effects, harmonic editing by drawing in spectrum tables, and how to import your own Wav files to create custom waveforms.
Noiiz Neo Soul and Funk Guitars by Cloudchord WAV
Emmy award-winning guitarist Cloudchord delivers a incredible pack of neo-soul and funk guitar licks. From soul-jazz chord melodies to uptempo afrobeat grooves, we’ve got you covered. This pack is perfect for hip hop beatmakers or EDM producers looking for something organic, and even funky songwriters looking for some extra fire.

The electric guitars used include a 90’s Gibson ES-335 and a custom vintage reissue Fender Stratocaster. A DR Z ingle class A amp, Cali76 compressor, JHS Tremelo, and Q Tron were also in the signal chain. As an added bonus, Cloudchord has also included FX content which features tremolo chords and harmonics.
Noiiz Abstract Trap by B-Dos WAV
B-Do’s makes his presence known on Noiiz with a simply mind-blowing collection of sounds in ‘Abstract Trap’. Including incredibly intricate drum loops, tangled and dusty synths, complex textures and of course heavy, sub shaking kicks and explosive snares, this one is not to be missed.

Crafted by recording the sounds of the world around B-Dos, this pack has been designed to add groove and depth to your tracks as you've never had before. This pack should be a go-to for anyone looking to create a distinctive sound and has all you need to make a hard-hitting 'Trap' banger or a smooth 'Future Bass' track. By downloading this pack, you'll be downloading sounds you've never before heard.