Welcome to SYMPHONY SERIES – BRASS SOLO. State-of-the-art recordings deliver unparalleled sonic depth and realism. An uncluttered and elegant interface accelerates any workflow. And flawless KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series integration immediately puts key parameters under your fingertips. Created for the professional composer, SYMPHONY SERIES sets a new standard in orchestral scoring.

Like BRASS ENSEMBLE, SYMPHONY SERIES – BRASS SOLO was produced in cooperation with Soundiron.

Like BRASS ENSEMBLE, BRASS SOLO was recorded at Saint Paul’s Church in San Francisco. BRASS SOLO captures the sound of world-class lead trumpet, trombone, first and second horn, and tuba soloists.

Breathtaking post-sustains were achieved by recording two samples instead of the normal three for onset, sustain, and end of note – harder to recreate in software, but infinitely more realistic. All possible intervals were recorded for truly fluid legato performances, and meticulous mic positioning captures the most favorable reflections for solo instruments. The result: 94 fully-playable chromatic articulations and 26 banks of special effect articulations. So real, it’s like conducting the players themselves

Shape performances with Dynamics, Attack, Release, Tightness, and Vibrato controls. Tightness and legato response time make note transitions softer or harder – infinitely useful for precise, angular melodic turns. The Dynamics knob allows you to create expressive real-time performances: create dramatic tonal shifts and long crescendos quickly and easily.

SYMPHONY SERIES – BRASS SOLO adapts to any workflow. Assign articulations to key switches quickly and easily – all articulation types are color-coded for fast visual recognition (mirrored in detail on the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboards). To accommodate different composer workflows, the interface provides three options for switching articulations: MIDI note, velocity range, or MIDI CC messages. If required, you can even assign each section to a specific key range to create custom key splits for a particular composition

Open up the mixer to mix the perfect blend of close, mid, and far mics. With individual loading, volume, pan and output routing for each position, you have full control over your mix – plus a range of effect options. All mixer settings can be stored, and easily recalled for other NKIs
ADSR - Deep Melodic House Production Course TUTORIAL
Are you ready to amp up your skills? In just a few intense hours, you can learn how to take a melody underground and gain the expertise to create a deep melodic house track from scratch.

This Deep Melodic House Production Course takes you through the entire production process including beats, vocals, production, arrangement, mix down and more.

Presented by an experienced House producer and sound designer this course features a full 2 hours of easy to follow video tutorials detailing tips and techniques for creating a Deep Melodic House track from beginning to end.

This pack includes 50 Massive presets designed for modern EDM. They cover the full spectrum ranging from trance to house to dubstep. The pack includes leads, pads, heavy basses, as well as effects. This is a great preset pack to add to your collection from the sound design noob to the sound design expert.

Introducing BASSIC, a Reaktor synth made with the modern electronic producer in mind.

Stripped of all the things that can distract or confuse when designing killer bass music instruments, BASSIC has all the basic components needed to create professional sounds in just a matter of minutes! No more spending countless hours dialling in settings across parameters that aren’t even necessary.

No more complex routing decisions. And no more time spent on things that only seem to derail the creative process!

We created BASSIC with one thing in mind – Simplicity.

We wanted a synth that the common producer or musician can use without the need for a lot of learning or experience just to make some nice bass music synths.

Right now, we are seeing deeper and more complex synths being released than ever before. Yes, they can do more and that’s great! But what about people who are not experienced sound designers? What if you don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars into another plugin?

This is exactly why BASSIC was made and why it can help you produce more music!
Strategic Audio West Indian Soca Rhythms Vol.2 ACiD WAV MiDi
'West Indian Soca Rhythms Vol 2' from Strategic Audio is the sequel to the ground-breaking first Volume and features five amazing Soca/Calypso/World Construction Kits. This pack is inspired by the styles of prominent Soca artists such as Machel Montano, Kes the Band, Rupee, Kerwin DuBois, Shurwayne Winchester, and Skinny Fabulous.

The sounds are also fused with the Pop and Dance influences of artists such as Pitbull and Flo Rida. 

Soca is a subgenre of indigenous Caribbean genre Calypso and its name is derived from it being a mixture of Soul and Calypso. 

With tempos ranging from 120 BPM to 130 BPM, this pack captures the sound of what is referred to as 'Groovy Soca' and blends it perfectly with elements of Dance and Techno. 

With just over 700 MB of content, including authentic West Indian percussion, melodic synths and guitars, booming Caribbean flavoured drums and basslines, this pack is a must-have for any serious Pop, Dance and World music producer.

All sounds have been processed by the latest top-of-the-line Waves plug-ins for that album and radio-ready sound.
Angry Bass for NI Massive contains 50 in your face presets that are perfect for dubstep, drum & bass and complextro. The wobbles and bass presets in Angry Bass aren’t you’re run of the mill sounds. They are suppose to be piercing, huge and rich with attitude.

The set contains:

• 36 Basses/Wobbles
• 1 FX
• 12 Leads
• 1 Pad

This preset pack is made up of 50 wide range Massive presets. It includes heavy basses, leads, pads, experimental sound design and many more. This is a great preset pack to add to your collection. The complete novice even to the sound design expert can benefit from this pack.

These presets are great and suitable to use in your own productions. Have fun making amazing music with these wonderful presets!

Guitar Techniques March 2017
Guitar Techniques is music magazine especially for Guitars, from choosing right model guitar to tuning , for noobs to pro everything is covered and explained in simple manner. hot lessons too.
ADSR Sounds Sequencer Modules in Reaktor TUTORiAL
Sequencing in Reaktor – How to build your own sequencing tools

Reaktor’s Sequencer modules are the gateway to creating powerful, user-friendly tools for modulation and automation.

This is an accelerated program that teaches you how to use the sequencer module in Reaktor. Using real-time demonstration to make complex concepts easy to follow, This course will give you useable skills you can start applying instantly to your own projects

Learn how to create several types of sequencers, including one that functions in a similar way to Massive’s popular ‘Stepper’ modulator. You’ll discover a unique modulation system allows for flexible interaction between your sequencers and any knob in Reaktor. You’ll also introduce a multi-slider GUI that greatly improves the look and feel

ADSR Sounds How To Mix Electronic Dance Music A Practical Guide TUTORiAL
Got the basics of your track down but struggling to get the mix right? Forget reading manuals and focusing solely on the theory – The best way to learn how to mix is to jump right in! In this course, complex concepts are made easy by demonstration allowing you to practice and perfect as you watch and, more importantly, do! Gain the knowledge you need to create clean songs with every sounds sitting perfectly in the mix not fighting for frequency.

This comprehensive course gives you professional, high-quality guidance right in your own home studio.

What You Will Learn In This Mixing Course

In this practical guide you’ll learn how to to mix music by watching and practicing with working examples, in real time.

All the sound elements of a full track are included – royalty-free – for your use. Simply load the sounds into your preferred DAW and follow along to get a hands-on understanding of how to mix each part of your track.

From prepping the mix and getting organized in the arrangement, to creating bus mixes, parallel processing of drums and using reference tracks to better suit the mix
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