Top 100 Future House February 2021

Artist: VA
Title: Top 100 Future House February 2021
Genre: Future House
Quality: 320 kbps

1. Bleu Clair, OOTORO – Beat Like This (3:00)
2. Seth Hills, Vluarr, Lucas Ariel – Calling Out (2:26)
3. Retrovision – All About U (2:51)
4. Mr. Belt & Wezol, RSCL – Way It Is (3:12)
5. SIDEPIECE – Together (3:06)
6. Curbi, Tchami – Make Amends (feat. Kyan Palmer) (2:40)
7. Apashe, High Klassified – I’m Fine (feat. Cherry Lena) (IMANU Remix) (4:03)
8. G-Pol, Costel Van Dein – Collars (3:40)
9. Cid – No! (TCTS Remix) (3:20)
10. Damien N-Drix, Tony Romera – Savoir Faire (2:51)
11. Plastik Funk, Relanium, Deen West – San Francisco (2:37)
12. Biscits – Transition (3:25)
13. MWRS, Dirty Ducks – Sublime (2:23)
14. Mick Mazoo, NRDH, Roundrobin – Ain’t Even Trying (2:35)
15. Funkin Matt, Tristan Henry – Feelin (3:01)
16. Oliver Heldens, Party Pupils – Set Me Free (feat. MAX) (3:13)
17. Leandro Da Silva, Sam Stray Wood – Get Lit (3:11)
18. Zonderling – Spannend (5:42)
19. KREAM – About You (2:39)
20. CloudNone, Direct – Dream Running (3:42)
21. Whethan – Freefall (feat. Oliver Tree) (Tchami Remix) (4:15)
22. Matroda – Forget It (2:53)
23. Mo Falk – I’m Back (2:22)
24. WICKD, D-Steal, Kris Kiss – Dubplate (2:39)
25. Oliver Heldens, Party Pupils – Set Me Free (feat. MAX) (MorganJ Remix) (3:13)
26. Meduza, Becky Hill, GOODBOYS – Lose Control (2:48)
27. Bancali – Follow You (2:38)
28. Tchami – Adieu (6:53)
29. David Guetta, Martin Garrix, Brooks – Like I Do (3:22)
30. PØP CULTUR, Rush & Hydro – Time (2:46)
31. Dastic, madugo – Undercover (Club Mix) (2:45)
32. Justin Martin – Stay (feat. Dalilah) (Tchami Remix) (3:36)
33. Pharien – Do It Again (feat. Joanna) (3:01)
34. Tommy Jayden – Liar (2:54)
35. BYOR – Leave Me Again (4:28)
36. Niiko x SWAE, Mougleta – Blah Blah Blah (2:30)
37. Brohug – Stockholm (3:17)
38. Tchami, Zhu – All On Me (4:09)
39. Danny Avila – Hometown Heroes (3:10)
40. Deante’ Hitchcock – Flashbacks (feat. Miguel & St. Beauty) (4:02)
41. Otosan, Julia Lostrom – Nowhere (Odd Mob Remix) (4:24)
42. Redondo, Ruben Golde – OOALH (2:06)
43. Rudeejay, Da Brozz, Chico Rose – Show Me Love (feat. Robin S) (2:56)
44. DLMT – One Drink (3:32)
45. Raven & Kreyn, JEONGHYEON – Out Of Me (2:40)
46. Bougenvilla, Jookidd, Mairee, Sam Lemay – Test With A Kiss (2:39)
47. Runaground, Vivid, Disco Fries – Give Up On Love (2:26)
48. Victor Tellagio – Johnny Relax (2:49)
49. VINNE – Pó De Anjo (4:17)
50. Dom Dolla, Torren Foot – Be Randy (3:15)
51. Luke Alexander, Simon Blaze – Try Again (2:37)
52. OVSKY – Missing (2:41)
53. Raven & Kreyn – Trouble (VIP Mix) (2:55)
54. Galantis, Nghtmre, Liam O’Donnell – Tu Tu Tu (That’s Why We) (Dubdogz & SUBB Remix) (2:52)
55. Zonderling – Tunnel Vision (Don Diablo Edit) (3:35)
56. EDX, Jess Ball – I Found You (Neptune) (2:38)
57. SNBRN, Kaleena Zanders – California (Chris Lake & Matroda Remix) (5:05)
58. Afrojack, DLMT – Wish You Were Here (feat. Brandyn Burnette) (2:53)
59. Solardo, Paul Woolford, Pamela Fernandez – Tear It Up (Oliver Heldens Remix) (3:41)
60. Luke Lacoste – Wicked (Future Knights Remix) (4:44)
61. Ekonovah – The Beginning (3:14)
62. Landis, Saint Wade – Step And Repeat (3:36)
63. Thomas Rush, Harót Balázs – Dynamite (3:18)
64. MorganJ, Kate Wild – Never Giving You Up (3:12)
65. Arston – Red Dragon (2:42)
66. Faul & Wad, Pnau – Changes (Zonderling Remix) (3:09)
67. Blinders, SWACQ – Side 2 Side (SWACQ Edit) (2:43)
68. Valentino Khan, Diplo – JustYourSoul (Tchami Remix) (3:54)
69. Oliver Heldens, lenno – This Groove (3:08)
70. LOST CAPITAL, Cr3on, Joselyn Rivera – The Way It Was (Aryue Remix) (2:52)
71. Wbtoys – Let Me Love You (3:23)
72. Drove – High On You (3:21)
73. Drove, Dillon Francis – Places (3:05)
74. Marc Benjamin, Tishmal – Blinded By Your Light (2:38)
75. DubVision, Pontifexx – Stand By You (2:45)
76. Tchami, Gunna – Praise (3:30)
77. Zonderling, Magnificence – Apart (3:04)
78. Axwell – Nobody Else (3:57)
79. Chic – Le Freak (Oliver Heldens Remix) (3:52)
80. Oliver Heldens, Becky Hill – Gecko (Overdrive) (Radio Edit) (2:45)
81. Devolve – Golden (feat. Saint Wade) (4:05)
82. Agus Zack, Revealed Recordings – How I Do It (2:23)
83. Mo Falk – Feel So Gud (2:26)
84. Curbi, Jess Ball – Lied To (2:40)
85. Tchami, Tony Romera – Monseigneur (4:07)
86. Loud Luxury, Morgan St. Jean – Aftertaste (D.O.D Remix) (3:44)
87. DJ Kuba, Neitan – Feel The Vibe (Keanu Silva Remix) (2:38)
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