Kiki – Tentacles [EXPDIGITAL118]

Artist: Kiki 
Title: Tentacles
Genre: Deep House 
Label: Exploited
Quality: 320 kbps

Kiki – Tentacles Feat. Jadele (Original Mix) 
Kiki – Paradise Feat. Boot Slap (Original Mix) 
Jimi Jules – Bogota EP [WGVINYL029]

Artist: Jimi Jules
Title: Bogota EP
Genre: Techno / Tech House
Label: Watergate
Quality: 320 kbps

Jimi Jules – Hundeblick 
Jimi Jules – Modulation 
Jimi Jules – Bogota 
Booka Shade – Neon Gods [KD 021]

Artist: Booka Shade 
Title: Neon Gods
Genre: Tech House
Label: Knee Deep In Sound
Quality: 320 kbps

Booka Shade – Neon Gods feat. Daudi Matsiko (Original Mix)
VA - Spirit Of House Music Volume 9 [RHCOMP2150]

Artist: VA
Title: Spirit Of House Music Volume 9
Genre: House
Label: Recovery House 
Quality: 320 kbps

Hardsoul, Ben Delay, Ben Delay – Shadowplay feat. Katie Costello (Ben Delay Mix)
Alex Kenji – 7 Mile (Original Mix)
Sergio Pardo, Jordi lazaro, Josh Da Funk – Boomb (Original Mix)
Yas Cepeda – Got To Be (Original Mix)
Hoxton Whores – Mirror (Club Mix)
Votzki – Dream Of You (Original Mix)
Hochanstaendig, Flauschig – Here I Am feat. Mhina (Flauschig Remix)
Gino Love – Just Feel It (Original Mix)
Erika Amoore – Don’t Stop (Original Mix)
DJ Veljko Jovic – When You Love House (Original Mix)
James Lock – Ruff N Tuff (Original Mix)
Canard – Because The Sound (Original Mix)
Luca Debonaire, Gothenburg Beats – Set It Off Like This (Original Mix)
Jedd – Mr Bates (Original Mix)
Barry Obzee, Lawrence Friend – Going On (Original Mix)
Tommy the Sound – Hurry (Original Mix)
Oganes – Nothing To Say (Original Mix)
Angelo Scalici, Jeremy Bass – La Marimba (Original Mix)
PHNTM – Bongo Jack (Original Mix)
Christian Arno, Slave (Uk) – House Jam 101 (Slave (UK) Remix)
VA - Cold & Deep Pt.10 – Deep House For The Winter Days [PTCOMP615]

Artist: VA
Title: Cold & Deep Pt.10 – Deep House For The Winter Days 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Play This! Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Noe Spesielt – Free Without You (Original Mix)
Arian Doko – Mystic Staff (Original Mix)
Altrub – Rojo Fri­o (Original Mix)
Di-mash – In My Soul (Original Mix)
Deeper Than L – Gee (Original Mix)
Ben Mono – Express (Original Mix)
John Castel – Deep Inside (Original Mix)
bruno costa – You Make Me Feel So Good (Original Mix)
Briarcliff – Pressure (Original Mix)
John Steel, Stolen Soul – The Terrace (Original Mix)
Axis, Housejunior, Flip and Flap – Too Busy Thinking (Axis, Flip and Flap Remix)
Bengt van Steegen, Jonse, Koshee – All Over You (Original Mix)
AirDice – You & Me (Original Mix)
Jelly For The Babies, Yakka – Closer (Jelly For The Babies Remix)
Optical Sound – Home (Original Mix)
VA - Cohesion 02 [CHSV012]

Artist: VA
Title: Cohesion 02
Genre: Deep House / Techno
Label: Cohesive Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Muk.ti – Time And Time Again (Original Mix)
Dizharmonia – Syneidisis (Original Mix)
RESONANT – Pitch Trip (Original Mix)
Right Jab – Get Up (Original Mix)
Savino, William Medagli, Thallulah – Timeless (Original Mix)
Senseless Live – Under My Wing (Original Mix)
VVEEAA – Fake Morning (Original Mix)

VA - Forever Young, Vol. 1 (These Songs Let You Feel Alive) [KLMF97]

Artist: VA
Title: Forever Young, Vol. 1 (These Songs Let You Feel Alive) 
Genre: Deep House / House / Tech House
Label: Karma Feelings
Quality: 320 kbps

Muovo – All My Love (Oliver Schleenvoigt Remix)
Magvay – Nostalgie (Original Mix)
Dr. Beat – Landru (Original Mix)
Aerial Revision – Acid Six (Original Mix)
Miguel Alcobia – Can You Feel the Heat (Original Mix)
Debirski – Boreas (Original Mix)
Miss Luna, Bes & Meret – The One (Bes & Meret Remix)
Jaques Le Noir – Someone to Love (Original Mix)
Miguel Alcobia – I Wonder (Original Mix)
Witte & Raum – Black Moon White Sun (Original Mix)
Urban Elements – Feelings (Original Mix)
Dr. Beat – The Underground (Original Mix)
Philter Beats – Voice Star (Super Night Mix)
Anthony Chocco – You Are (Beach & Martini Mix)
Jaques Le Noir – Macao (Original Mix)
Heinrich & Heine, Moe.ritz – A Go (Heinrich & Heine Remix)
DJ Enne, DJ Aroma – In the Beginning (DJ Aroma Remix)
DJ Gray, Carlos Mendes, Jean Baptist – Sagrada Familia (DJ Gray Remix)
Gods Blue Chest – Backstab (Radio Cut)
Naoki Kenji – Kitai Sasete (Original Mix)
Kanzler & Wischnewski – Jazzy Groovie (Original Mix)
Bjorn Del Togno – Humming Top (Frowin Von Boyer Remix)
Robert Gordon – Attack from Behind (Stars in Action Mix)
Miss Vogue – Usual Space (Original Mix)
Miqro, Jacob A – D’ance (Deep Mix)

VA - IBIZA Deep – The Deep House Opening Party 2016 (60 Hot Summer Tunes)[FM167]

Artist: VA
Title: IBIZA Deep – The Deep House Opening Party 2016 (60 Hot Summer Tunes)
Genre: Deep House
Label: Floating Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Deep Progression – Rome (5th Avenue Mix)
South Soul – Some Chords (Velvet & Deep Club Mix)
Mighty Nighty – Lotus (Deep Trumpet Mix)
Soulspance – Nordshake (Original Mix)
Vincent Chan – Deep in Piano (Live Version)
Jason Miller – Yours Truly (Original Mix)
Peter Sanders – Magraner (Night of Fashion Mix)
Pacoman – Noow (House of Deep Dub Mix)
The Model Motel – Le Femmes Deputes (Paris Deep House Live Mix)
Patrick Bee, Mark Hanza – Love Game (Mark Hanza Mix)
Second Lake – Funk of Crashing (Original Mix)
Audrey Langston, Piet Lorrigan – Rum Dance (Audrey Langston Mix)
Jason Hendrics, Sammy Stone – Treasure (Sammy Stone’s Vantage Mix)
Piet Lorrigan – Drink and Relax (Room 69’s Night Mix)
Norman Clarke – Saturday (Original Mix)
Jack Renson – Stolen Glory (Original Mix)
Waveland – Request for Pleasure (Club Mix)
Light Continental – Lights Out (Sugabass House Mix)
Danny Hay, Patrick D’argnan – Twin Town (Patrick D’argnan Deep Mix)
Daniel Andrews – Deep Mission (Original Mix)
Deep Dreams – I Like It (Super Lovers Mix)
Sven Dixon – Aloe (John Deep’s Night Mix)
A Kay Bj – House Me (Original Mix)
Club Elite – Fujinami (Red Motel Deep Mix)
Lorenz Hellinghton – So Spired (Original Mix)
Cool Boy – Bazzanova (Live Version)
Ernst Bentley – Get It Now (Original Mix)
2nd Reactor – Atom Risk (Original Mix)
Night Flavours – Down Town Club (Original Mix)
Frank Powell – Jamaicanroots (Le Sonique Deep Mix)
Foxter – Fox Mind (Extended Mix)
Felix Price – Miami Tonight (Deep & Piano Mix)
Jean Claude Pichet – One Last Time (Original Mix)
Antique California – Seeking Therapy (Original Mix)
2nd Rhythms – Cuffed Inside (Original Mix)
Gary Lander – Symphony (Live Version)
Jq 4 – So Gangsta (Live Version)
Soulgroovers, Jonic – Sword and Heart (Jonic House Live Mix)
Organic Deep – Going Back Easy (Night Flavours Live Mix)
Sequencer 5 – Animal (New York Sensational Mix)
Ronald Jefferson – The Old Actor (Deeba Deep Live Mix)
Robert Owners – At Coney Island (Live Version)
Red Rich – Reaching Out (Deep House Mix)
Q3 – Small Setup Fee (Night Beats Mix)
Patrick Martin – More Than Enough (Deep School Live Mix)
Paul Midtown – Espana (Live Version)
Deep City – Overcharged (Live Version)
Emerald Coast – Climatic (Baja Sardinia Deep Piano Live Mix)
DGN – Losing Games (Original Mix)
Terry Fox – Come On (Original Mix)
Skygroove – Clouds on Horizon (Original Mix)
Mark Gee – Something About Me (Original Mix)
Alexius Simon – Slimusic (Mighty Nighty Mix)
Claire Holloway – Fall in Love the Music (Original Mix)
Sunset Bay – Like It feat. Jennifer Hill (Original Mix)
Tuscany Beats – I Remember the 90’s (Riviera’s Mix)
Tokyo Hono – Nowhere Land (Original Mix)
Yunos Markpopulos – Moody (Original Mix)
Frank Montana – Apocalypse Now (Original Mix)
Albert Stehien – Late and Stable (Live Version)
VA - Tech House Compilation Series Vol. 18 [190374289221]

Artist: VA
Title: Tech House Compilation Series Vol. 18
Genre: Tech House
Label: Squad Compilations
Quality: 320 kbps

Jordi Coza – Paradise (Original Mix)
David Boss – Star Mountain (Original Mix)
David Boss – Afrikaan (Original Mix)
Tony Beat – Devil’s Party (Original Mix)
Gerard Fortuny, Tony Beat – Da Beat (Original Mix)
JJ Romero, Alexander Zabbi – La Danza Tanzania (Original Mix)
JJ Romero, Alexander Zabbi – La Danza Tanzania (Afrohouse Rework)
Deep Sour Colective – So in Love with You (Sugarmaster & Ito-G Remix)
Manu Avila – Get Down (Original Mix)
Raul De La Orza – Breaking Dawn (Original Mix)
VA - This Is Toronto (20 Live & Direct House Tunes) [CHERRY079]

Artist: VA
Title: This Is Toronto (20 Live & Direct House Tunes) 
Genre: House
Label: Cherry Lounge Recordings 
Quality: 320 kbps

Emerald Coast – Climatic (Baja Sardinia Deep Piano Mix) (Live)
Jack Renson – Stolen Glory (Live)
Deep Marina – Train Wreck (Live)
Jeff Pasha – Professionals Around the World feat. Dune (Live)
Glitter Grooves – A Child’s Romance (Live)
Shooting Star – Confused (Live)
Red Konte – Two Highland Lads (Live)
Jozef Kugler – Don’t Leave Me (Live)
Jason Dee Clark – Pointabillity (Fashion Mix) (Live)
Ermin Van Koin – A Midnight Cupid (Club Mix) (Live)
Helius Cavalli – Botella (Live)
Cheecago Deep Grooves – Double Night (Live)
Ralphie Boss – Fighting Against (Live)
Laga Maravilla – I Can Oh (Live)
Refined Incorporated – Erasmus (Live)
Sandro da Silva – Boom Boom (House Bonita Mix) (Live)
The Deep Rhythms – Deep Percussion (Son Rockfeller Mix) (Live)
Philter Inc. – No Bass (Live)
Gold Rake – Bang Out (Live)
Van Mark – Tree Cherry Pits (Live)