Dave Sol – Turn the Volume On [HFS1910]
Music / House 15-04-2019
Dave Sol – Turn the Volume On [HFS1910]

Artist: Dave Sol
Title: Turn the Volume On
Genre: House
Label: Hotfingers
Quality: 320 kbps

Dave Sol – Turn The Volume On (Original Mix) (5:59)

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Dave Summit - Street Sanity [UPN006] Dave Summit - Street Sanity [UPN006]
Music / House 13-12-2018

Artist: Dave Summit
Title: Street Sanity
Genre: House
Label: UpNorth
Quality: 320 kbps

Dave Summit - Can't Go Back (Original Mix)
Dave Summit - Recovery (Original Mix)
Dave Summit - Struggling (Original Mix)
Dave Summit - Too Late (Original Mix)

Dave Mayer - These Records EP [BBHM047] Dave Mayer - These Records EP [BBHM047]
Deep House / House 12-12-2017

Artist: Dave Mayer
Title: These Records EP
Label: Bobbin Head Music
Genre: House, Deep House
Quality: 320 Kbps

Dave Mayer – Don’t Stop (Original Mix)
Dave Mayer – Take This Record (Original Mix)
Dave Mayer – That’s the Feelin’ (Original Mix)
Dave Mayer – Don’t Fix It (Original Mix)
Maurizio Basilotta, Dave Rose - The Funk [HFS1727] Maurizio Basilotta, Dave Rose - The Funk [HFS1727]
Music / House 6-08-2017

Artist: Maurizio Basilotta, Dave Rose 
Title: The Funk
Genre: House
Label: Hotfingers
Quality: 320 kbps

Maurizio Basilotta, Dave  Rose - The Funk (Original Mix)

Dave Valencia - Hope EP [LB119] Dave Valencia - Hope EP [LB119]
Music / House 3-07-2017

Artist: Dave Valencia 
Title: Hope EP
Genre: House
Label: L.B Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Dave Valencia - Believe (Original Mix)
Dave Valencia - Hope (Original Mix)
Dave Valencia - Hope (The Stoned Remix)
Dave Aju – 10101 [CCS104] Dave Aju – 10101 [CCS104]
Music / House 5-02-2017

Artist: Dave Aju 
Title: 10101 
Genre: House
Label: Circus Company
Quality: 320 kbps

Dave Aju – Always Dive (Original Mix) 
Dave Aju – Low Dive (Original Mix) 
Dave Aju – Sides (Original Mix) 
Dave Aju – Tell Her Why (Original Mix)

SUPER, DAVE - Awakens [811868 689869] SUPER, DAVE - Awakens [811868 689869]
Music / House 4-07-2015
Title: Awakens
Genre: House
Label: Global Dance Records
Quality: 320 kbps

SUPER, DAVE - Allright (Original Mix)
SUPER, DAVE - Bitchlife (Original Mix)
SUPER, DAVE - Bring Da Beat Back (Original Mix)
SUPER, DAVE - Disco From Hell (Original Mix)
SUPER, DAVE - Do It Like Dis (Original Mix)
SUPER, DAVE - Spaceship Of Love (Original Mix)
SUPER, DAVE - Super Chunky (Original Mix)