Traxsource Top 100 Weekend Weapons (08 Nov 2019)
Traxsource Top 100 Weekend Weapons (08 Nov 2019)

Artist: VA
Title: Traxsource Top 100 Weekend Weapons (08 Nov 2019)
Genre: Techno, Tech House, Deep House, Afro House, House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Melodic House & Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

84Bit, KPD - Like No One Before (KPD Remix) [Phoenix Music].mp3
84Bit, Mattei & Omich - FTL (Mattei & Omich Remix) [84Bit Music].mp3
Agent - Playero Twerk (Original Mix) [Deeplomatic Recordings].mp3
Al Kent - The Light of You [GAMM Enterprises].mp3
Alessio Mosti, Mirco Martini - Say What [Hotfingers].mp3
Allen Craig, Tobirus Mozelle - Never Alone (Vocal) [Moulton Music].mp3
Andrea Curato, Soundztabuu - Nkinga Zothando [Cool Staff Records].mp3
Antonio Estrada - Badu (Original Mix) [Made In Miami].mp3
Arnold Jarvis & Alix Alvarez, Mannix - Rising Into Joy (Mannix Rising Pianos Vocal Mix) [Black Vinyl].mp3
Art Of Tones - At the Club in Lagos [wewillalwaysbealovesong].mp3
Artwork, N.W.n, Kage - Sunny Days (Original Mix) [Pasqua Records].mp3
Beat Rivals, Ms Swaby, SoulLab - I Know (SoulLab Remix) [Rival Beat Records].mp3
Blaukoma, Locomatica - Brute (Original Mix) [Souvenir].mp3
Carlo - Kilimanjaro Coconut [Madhouse Records].mp3
Chaos In the CBD - Come Together [In Dust We Trust].mp3
Col Lawton - Harry's Beat (Original Mix) [Moiss Music Black].mp3
Colorjaxx - Chao For Now (Original Mix) [Onako Records].mp3
Criss Korey - Second Chances (Original Mix) [Sub_Urban].mp3
Crush Club, Nicki B The Vagabond - My Man (Extended Mix) [Another Rhythm].mp3
Damian Rausch - Between (Original Mix) [Gents & Dandy's].mp3
Damian Rausch - Naked (Original Mix) [Gents & Dandy's].mp3
Dampé - 727 and Arp Breaks (Original Mix) [Dirt Crew Recordings].mp3
Dana Weaver, DjPope - Sunday Kind Of Love (DjPope Funkhut Vocal) [POJI Records].mp3
Daniele Kama, Simone Burrini & Marck Jam'z - Dance Off [Mood Funk Records].mp3
David Bailey, Hanlei, Groove Assassin - Keep Up! (Groove Assassin Underground Mix) [Things May Change!].mp3
David Jackson - X-Pander (Extended Mix) [Stress Records].mp3
Deetron - Photon (Carl Cox Remix) [Character].mp3
Deetron - Photon (Gerd Janson DJ Version) [Character].mp3
Delgado - Socialize (Original Mix) [Journey].mp3
Detlef - Rock It [Moon Harbour].mp3
Din Jay - Watch You Baby (Original Mix) [PHXBLK].mp3
Disco Town, Moon Rocket, Angelo Ferreri - One Love (Original Mix) [Nervous].mp3
DJ Fudge & Kiko Navarro - Omau Baba  [Connected Frontline].mp3
DJ Mes, Rescue - Show U Luv [Guesthouse].mp3
DJ Pasta - Freaking Woodoo Music [toucan sounds].mp3
DJ Pasta - Jerry Scotty [toucan sounds].mp3
DJ Queen B - Changes [In It Together Records].mp3
DJ Satelite, Demented Soul, Tman - Amazing Amazon (Original Mix) [Seres Producoes].mp3
Dj Skif - Follow Me (Kotelett & Zadak Remix) [Highway Records].mp3
Doc Link - What We Know About It (Original Mix) [Bid Muzik].mp3
Dumbekchi - The Ayahuasca Track [Soterios].mp3
Dwson - Lazy Days [Stay True Sounds].mp3
Dylan Debut, David Coker - Soundboy (Original Mix) [Doin Work Records].mp3
Ed Nine - That Feeling (Original Mix) [Nite Grooves].mp3
Ed Nine - Where’s the After Party? (Original Mix) [Nite Grooves].mp3
Edu Natored - Voodoo Sex [Spacedisco Records].mp3
Eli Escobar -  (All Night Rhythm) [Night People NYC].mp3
Fabio Vela - Touch [Good For You Records].mp3
FDF (Italy) - Falling For You (Original Mix) [Shared Rec].mp3
Ferreck Dawn - Louisiana (Extended Mix) [Club Sweat].mp3
Floorplan - Dance Floor  [Aus Music].mp3
Floorplan - Generations from Now  [Aus Music].mp3
Floorplan - There Was a Time  [Aus Music].mp3
Freddie Frampton, Enzo Siffredi - Grinning (Enzo Siffredi's Remix) [Wired].mp3
Funkatron - Brooks Was Here (Tulum Mix) [Metropolitan Promos].mp3
Get To Know, Phil Fuldner - I Just Love (Phil Fuldner Remix - Extended Mix) [CR2].mp3
Gianni Romano, Emanuele Esposito - Well Done [Switchlab].mp3
Goyah, Mirko & Meex - The Evening (Mirko & Meex Remix) [Play and Tonic].mp3
Guezmark & Joe Diem - Feel So Good (Original Mix) [Go Deeva Light Records].mp3
Happy Clappers, The Cube Guys, David Penn - I Believe (The Cube Guys Remix [David Penn Re-Edit]) [Cube Recordings].mp3
Hiva, Funky Junkie - The Power (Original Mix) [Cruise Music].mp3
Homeboyz - Panic [Ocha Records].mp3
Hotmood - We Got It (Original Mix) [Re-Loved].mp3
Humans & Trees - Journey Through Sound [Ltd, W;Lbl].mp3
HVOB - Butter (Floyd Lavine Remix) [[PIAS] Recordings].mp3
Iner - Eclair  [Flat White Records].mp3
J-Fader - Flatcaps (Original Mix) [Chicago Skyline Records].mp3
James Deron, Bobby Surround - One Chance (James Deron Soulvibes Remix) [Plastik People Digital].mp3
James Deron, Bobby Surround, Mike Newman - One Chance (Mike Newman Remix) [Plastik People Digital].mp3
Jerk Boy, The Baroness - Satellite (feat. The Baroness Extended Mix) [Tinted Records].mp3
John Briggs - Sketches of Spring [Atjazz Record Company].mp3
Jonk & Spook - Keep On Dancin' (Original Mix) [CRMS Records].mp3
Juan MacLean - Body Language Pro [Lovedancing].mp3
Juanito - Make A Move (Extended Mix) [Maya].mp3
Kevin McKay - A Deeper Love (Extended Remix) [Glasgow Underground].mp3
Kevin Yost, Peter Funk, Mykel Waters - Trust (Mykel Waters Remix) [i! Records].mp3
KiNK - The Clock [Sofia].mp3
Latour, Lee Wilson - Body Come Alive (feat. Lee Wilson Extended Mix) [Hot Sunday Records].mp3
Lucas Keizer - Jurassic  [Large Music].mp3
Lucas Keizer - You  [Large Music].mp3
Maceo Plex - Mutant Magic  [Diynamic].mp3
Madoze - Jungled (Piano Edit) [Open Bar Music].mp3
Mark Farina - Music Cultured (Original Mix) [Static Music].mp3
Mark Francis, Kia Stewart - Life Lessons (SMB Dub Vocal Mix) [Quantize Recordings].mp3
Mattei & Omich, Ella - Boogaloo (Original Mix) [Blacksoul Music].mp3
Maurid - I just can't wait (Original Mix) [Traktoria].mp3
Memorie Cluster, Severino - Never Give Up (Severino Remix) [Black Riot].mp3
Mr Raoul K Feat. Ahmed Sosso - Touman (Right Time Dub) [Compost].mp3
Mr. Blasé - Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh (Original Mix) [Odd One Inn].mp3
Mr. Bootsauce - Do It Right (Original Mix) [Viva Recordings].mp3
Mthique Cruz - FTP (Original Mix) [Pasqua Records].mp3
Mujo Deep - Corazon (Original Mix) [Uncover Music].mp3
Namara - Looking At Me (Mark Lower Remix) [Let There Be House Records].mp3
Newball - The Magic (Original Mix) [Moustache Label].mp3
Nick Curly - Dunga (Original Mix) [Warung Recordings].mp3
Nick Curly - Onnit (Original Mix) [Warung Recordings].mp3
Nine Lives - The Panacea [Nurvous Records].mp3
Norberto Acrisio Aka Norbit Housemaster - Birds of Paradise (Original Mix) [Bit Rule Records].mp3
OFFAIAH - Soldier (Club Mix) [Defected].mp3
Oggie B - Ramayana [Nervous Records].mp3
OUTCOME & Lawrence Klein - Andromeda [MoBlack Records].mp3
Pablo Valentino & Kez YM - Bananas [Eureka!].mp3
Pako Ramirez, Flavio Martini - House You (Original Mix) [Let's Groove].mp3
Paul Randolph, Opolopo - Shake House (Opolopo Remagination) [Maristar Records].mp3
PBR Streetgang, The Destroyers - 'Lectric Love (PBR Streetgang Remix) [Salsoul Records].mp3
Peppe Citarella, Brutha Basil, Mijangos - Warning (Mijangos Afro House Mix) [Union Records].mp3
Phenomenal Handclap Band - Remain Silent (Superpitcher Remix) [Toy Tonics].mp3
Powerdance - Power Dance (Mousse T.'s Disco Shizzle Extended Mix) [Classic Music Company].mp3
Ricci Melillo - Melting Pot [Deep Feel].mp3
Robag Wruhme - Topinambur  [Kompakt].mp3
Ross Couch - My Antidote [Body Rhythm].mp3
ROWA - Leipzig  [Traum].mp3
Roy Jazz Grant - Lead Me Now (Soul Smack Club Mix) [House Miami Records].mp3
Sahib Muhammad - Being Me (Original Mix) [unquantize].mp3
Sartorial - Ruby [Tropical Disco Records].mp3
Sasa Di Toma - Good Times [Basement Sound].mp3
Sebb Junior - Cause You Love Me [Madhouse Records].mp3
Shirley Lites - Heat You Up (Melt You Down Dr Packer Reworks) [West End Records].mp3
Simon Kennedy - Family Back (Original Mix) [Dallinghoo Recordings].mp3
Simon Kennedy - Love Comes Easily [Dubplate Disco Recordings].mp3
Sinner & James - My Own Thang [LouLou Records].mp3
Skream - Pussy Pop (Original Mix) [Solid Grooves Records].mp3
Sokur - Flow Rhodes (Original Mix) [Moiss Music].mp3
Sokur - I'm Going Away (Original Mix) [Moiss Music].mp3
Sol Brown, Angela Johnson - Get Over (Main Mix) [Love Stay Recordings].mp3
Sondrio, Jason Hodges - One (Original Mix) [Refuge Recordings].mp3
St.Luke, Bobby Petta - Feel Good [Juiced Music].mp3
Stacy Kidd, Coco Street - Making Of You (Main Mix) [House 4 Life].mp3
Stephen Nicholls, Denney - The Finest (Denney Extended Remix) [Hot Sunday Records].mp3
Steven Stone, Pete Simpson, Inaky Garcia - Sometimes (Inaky Garcia Remix) [Soul Deluxe].mp3
Sune - Jazzmelankoli  [Let's Play House].mp3
Sune - Moovin' (feat. Tillman) [Let's Play House].mp3
T. Williams, James Jacob & Kelli-Leigh - The Remedy [Strictly Rhythm Records].mp3
The Downtown Brothers - My Back Door (Original Mix) [Downtown Underground].mp3
Tom Bug, Grooveline, IDA FLO, Alaia & Gallo - Satisfy (Alaia & Gallo Remix) [Motive Records].mp3
Tom Bug, Grooveline, IDA FLO, Sebb Junior - Satisfy (Sebb Junior Remix) [Motive Records].mp3
Tom Conrad - New York (Original Mix) [Adaptation Music].mp3
Truce - Cold World [Dopewax].mp3
Tush (CA) - Don't Be Afraid [Do Right! Music].mp3
Vanilla Ace, Jean Bacarreza, Blaktrash - Damn Hot! (Sllash & Doppe Remix) [Safe Music].mp3
Vanilla Ace, Mirko & Meex - Rockin (Mirko & Meex Remix) [Blockhead Recordings].mp3
Vlad Jet - Bassileti (Original Mix) [RADIANT.].mp3
Woody Bianchi, Pietro Nicosia - It's Hot [Midnight Riot].mp3
Wouter S - En Route a Paris [Madhouse Records].mp3
Yooks, Unqle Chriz - I CARE (Original Mix) [Newtown Recordings].mp3
Zimosoul, Maxx, Cee ElAssaad - Azania (Cee ElAssaad Organ Remix) [Merecumbe Recordings].mp3

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