Traxsource Top 100 Weekend Weapons (01 Nov 2019)
Traxsource Top 100 Weekend Weapons (01 Nov 2019)

Artist: VA
Title: Traxsource Top 100 Weekend Weapons (01 Nov 2019)
Genre: Techno, Tech House, Deep House, Afro House, House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Melodic House & Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Addvibe - Riots Ahead [Open Bar Music].mp3
Aero Manyelo, Phumy X - Im Losing My Mind (Main Mix) [Herbal 3 Distribution].mp3
Alexander Technique - Street Knowledge [Terminator Records].mp3
Alonso - Michelle [Hotfingers].mp3
Andre Salmon, Dave Sanz - No Need (Leom, Ivan Lopez Remix) [Nevada Label].mp3
Ardalan - Recalibration [DIRTYBIRDDIRTYBIRD].mp3
Armand Van Helden, Serge Santiago - Witch Doktor (Serge Santiago Remix) [Strictly Rhythm Records].mp3
Atmos Blaq - Kwa Mntungwa (Atmospheric Mix) [Uncover Music].mp3
Austins Groove - Liftin' (Original) [Rhythm People Digital].mp3
Blackrachas - Giorno Di Pioggia  [Kompakt Extra].mp3
Blakey, Sebb Junior - Real Life (Sebb Junior Remix) [Blockhead Recordings].mp3
Bosq, Nidia Góngora - Rumbero (ft. Nidia Gongora) [Bacalao].mp3
Brame & Hamo - Waves Reach (Original Mix) [Feel My Bicep].mp3
Bratt - I Love It (Original Mix) [Zero Eleven Record Company].mp3
Bronx Cheer, Paul Parsons - Like Before (Paul Parsons Jackin Dub) [Tall House Digital].mp3
Brothers In Arts - I Say [Juiced Music].mp3
C. Da Afro - Coconuts (Original Mix) [Furious Mandrill Records].mp3
Carabetta - Y'all Play'n [Farris Wheel RecordingsFarris Wheel Recordings].mp3
Caravaca - Compression (Original Mix) [Great Stuff Talents].mp3
Carlo Caldareri - Beat And Zen (Original Mix) [Dafunk].mp3
Carol Jiani, CASSIMM - Hit'n Run Lover (Cassimm Extended Remix) [Milk & Sugar Recordings].mp3
Charles Caliber - The Rhythm and Groove [Nervous RecordsNervous Records].mp3
Coflo, Evar After - Lovesong (Original Mix) [Ocha Records].mp3
Colette, Joshua Heath, Demarkus Lewis - Call On Me (Demarkus Lewis Remix) [Candy Talk Records].mp3
Conway Kasey, Earl W. Green, Kelvin Sylvester - Freeze The Moment (Kelvin Sylvester Dub Remix) [Merecumbe Recordings].mp3
Conway Kasey, Earl W. Green, Kelvin Sylvester - Freeze The Moment (Kelvin Sylvester Remix) [Merecumbe Recordings].mp3
Craig N Them - The Love Goes On (Craig N Them Edit) [Windy City Edits].mp3
Crazibiza - Soul Cool (Original Mix) [PornoStar Records (US)].mp3
Crystal Waters, R-Naldo, Junior Rivero - United In Dance (Junior's Dirty House Mix) [Launch Entertainment].mp3
D.O.A - AmaMfengu (The Wanderers) [Seres Producoes].mp3
Da Funk Junkies - Make Your Body Rock (Original Mix) [Which Bottle?].mp3
Dani Siciliano, Unknown7, Sessanta6 - Sweet Cherry (Original Mix) [Desolat].mp3
Danny Clark, Jay Benham, Jocelyn Mathieu - Second Chance (Danny Clark & Opolopo 2019 Remix) [Dallinghoo Recordings].mp3
Danny Cruz - Shoulda Been You (Danny's Disco Reprise) [Onako Records].mp3
Daoud, Deiver - Berling [Defined Music].mp3
Dirtyelements, Drunkdrivers - In da Wood [Masterworks Music].mp3
Disaia - Elephant [Kneaded Pains].mp3
Disco Dandies - Funkin Your Mind  [Suppressed Energy].mp3
Discotron, Audio Jacker - Bad News (Audio Jacker Remix) [Tasty Recordings Digital].mp3
DJ HandFull - Paper Trail (Original Mix) [FOMP].mp3
Dj Scobar - Run Away [Black Mambo].mp3
DJ Simi - Dance All Dayz (Original Mix) [Flashmob Records].mp3
DoctorSoul - Saturday Morning (DoctorSoul Wot Yow Life Can Truly Be Re-Therapy) [How Do You Are?].mp3
Dom Dolla, Walker & Royce - San Frandisco (Walker & Royce Extended Remix) [Sweat It Out].mp3
Dosem - Downtown Parallax [Houstrike].mp3
Eduardo Tristao, Sudad G - One White Field (Original Mix) [Double Cheese Records].mp3
Eduardo Tristao, Sudad G, Elias Kazais - One White Field (Elias Kazais Remix) [Double Cheese Records].mp3
Elegant Borzoi - Mystique [Adult Contemporary].mp3
Eli & Fur - You and I (John Monkman Extended Mix) [AnjunadeepAnjunadeep].mp3
Enrico Bsj Ferrari - Shake This Feeling (Original Mix) [Traktoria].mp3
Fabrizzio Alarcon - Keep moving [Ondule RecordingsOndule Recordings].mp3
Filta - The Other Groove (Original Mix) [Black Bouwie Records].mp3
Finest Wear - No Me No [Nordic Trax].mp3
Fred Dekker, C. Da Afro - One More Time (Original Mix) [CRMS Records].mp3
George Kelly - A Disco Thang (Original Mix) [Chopshop Music].mp3
George Kelly - Let's Get Naked (Original Mix) [Cruise Music].mp3
Gershon Jackson, Lilac Jeans - Victory (Lilac Jeans Vocal Victory Mix) [Omni Music Solutions].mp3
GIORG - Panorama (Original) [motion].mp3
Glenn Scott - Deep Digging (Original Mix) [IAH Records].mp3
Haji & Emanuel, Seamus Haji - Take Me Away (Seamus Haji Extended 80's Remix) [Big Love].mp3
Hatiras, Vincent Caira - New Jack [Spacedisco Records].mp3
Hot Since 82 - Tilted (Raxon Remix) [Knee Deep In Sound].mp3
Hotmood - Till the Music Stops [Sure Cuts Records].mp3
Housego - Vanity & Pride (Original Mix) [One Track Mind].mp3
HRDY - Give A Heart [Guesthouse].mp3
Igor Gonya - Gigil (Original Mix) [Groovy Riddim Records].mp3
Igor Gonya, Joey Chicago - Gigil (Joey Chicago Dub Mix) [Groovy Riddim Records].mp3
Inner City, Steffanie Christi'an, Justin Cholewski - Believe (Justin Cholewski Remix) [Armada Music].mp3
J.B. Boogie - Night Out [Villes et Fleurs].mp3
James Burton - Breakfast Club (Dennis Ferrer Morning Mix) [Four Thirty Two].mp3
Javi Colina & Quoxx - Chelsie (feat. Ludovic Quai7) [Nervous Records].mp3
Jeff Service - Melina (Original Mix) [Ficus Tree Music].mp3
Jerem A - Double Funk (Original Mix) [Disco Balls Records].mp3
Joel West, THE GOAT - Cuete1 (Original Mix) [Cuete].mp3
Juan Diaz, Franco De Mulero - My Journey (Extended Mix) [Subliminal Soul].mp3
Juan Laya, Jorge Montiel, LCO, Xantone Blacq - Give Me the Night (Club Mix) [Imagenes].mp3
Kaantos - Another Love (Original Mix) [House Cookin Records].mp3
Kataa, Qubiko - Going Deeper (Qubiko Extended Remix) [Deepalma Soul].mp3
Kevin Yost - Harsh [TSOY].mp3
KingBizza Keys, Dav Risen, Tshidiso T.Song - Amazing God (Main Mix) [Dav Risen Enterprise].mp3
Kintar & Dj Angelo - Cala del Sol  [Sudam Recordings].mp3
Knuckle G - A Day in the Groove [De La Groove].mp3
Knuckle G - A Girl I Met [De La Groove].mp3
Knuckle G - Love Poet [De La Groove].mp3
Kramder - Love For Latinas (Original Mix) [Purple Tea Records].mp3
Lastlings, Tim Engelhardt - Last Breath (Tim Engelhardt Remix) [Rose Avenue Records].mp3
Lebedev (RU), Bonetti - Shadow Of The Past (Bonetti Remix) [Lisztomania Records].mp3
Lee Walker - Obsessed (Original Mix) [Simma Black].mp3
Lolita Cuevas, Frantz Casseus, Sabine Blaizin, Rodney 'Okai Musik' Fleurimont - Rekolte (Original Mix) [Oyasound].mp3
Loud&Clasiizz - One Hundred Percent (Original Mix) [Transcendance Music].mp3
Love Of The Art - Time Will Reveal (Ed Scott Main Mix) [Nervous Records].mp3
M.F.S/ Observatory - No One  [Relief].mp3
Makadem - Salaam (Euggy & Sebastien Dutch Remix) [GondwanaGondwana].mp3
Mara Lakour - Bleu Mood (Original Mix) [Rutilance Recordings].mp3
Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa - Detour Jazz [Robsoul RecordingsRobsoul Recordings].mp3
Marotti - Hi Fly [Meso Records Digital].mp3
Mattei & Omich, Ella - Private Party (Extended Mix) [Mattei & Omich Music].mp3
Matthias Tanzmann, Mihalis Safras, Matthias Tanzmann, Mihalis Safras - Believe (Original Mix) [Moon Harbour Recordings].mp3
Melodymann - Drown (Original Mix) [Fizzapedia Recordings].mp3
Melodymann - Make Her Weep (Original Mix) [Fizzapedia Recordings].mp3
Mijangos - La Salsa [Union Records].mp3
Mijangos, Manuel Hernandez - Sunny (Instrumental) [Soulstice Music].mp3
Mike Dunn - Natural High (Mike Dunn Extended Black Glitter MixX) [Glitterbox Recordings].mp3
Milty Evans - Funky Feeling (Original Mix) [Whitebeard Records].mp3
Mirko Deep, Robert Owens - Voice From The Dark (Vocal Mix) [Phoenix Soul].mp3
MissFly, Sean Ali - Everything I Got (Original Mix) [Pasqua Records].mp3
Moodena - Dumplings Over Flowers [Tropical Disco Records].mp3
Natasha Kitty Katt, Yam Who?, Jacqui George - Into Your Life (Gospeldelic Mix) [Midnight Riot].mp3
Natasha Kitty Katt, Yam Who?, Jacqui George, Danny Kane - Into Your Life (Danny Kane Remix) [Midnight Riot].mp3
NAYFER - Be Yourself (Original Mix) [DVINE Sounds].mp3
Ode To 75, Colour Castle - Fallin' (Colour Castle Remix) [Refuge Recordings].mp3
Oggie B - Visiones Del Paraiso (Original Mix) [Xamaky Records].mp3
Parissior, Jandro Sanchez - Don't Worry About It [Hot Digits].mp3
Paul Sirrell - Come On (Original Mix) [Orange Groove Records].mp3
PBR Streetgang & David Christie - Back Fire (PBR Streetgang Remix) [Salsoul Records].mp3
Peter Brown - Soul Thing (Extended Mix) [Glasgow Underground].mp3
Piero Pirupa, Paul Darey - Are You A Freak? (Original Mix) [NONSTOP].mp3
Pierre Johnson, LaTique - Money & Power [Stay True Sounds].mp3
Project Pablo - The Solution [Spectral SoundSpectral Sound].mp3
Random Soul - Baby Come On  [Salted Music].mp3
Raw Main - Le Cri De La Foret (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent].mp3
Rawdio - Blue Hearts [No Fuss Records].mp3
Re-Tide, Steff - Happy Music Feat. Steff (Extended Mix) [Re-Tide Music].mp3
Ridney - Daaa (Original Mix) [Guess Records].mp3
Robosonic, EPMD, Illyus & Barrientos - For The People (Illyus & Barrientos Extended Remix) [Armada Subjekt].mp3
Snazzy Trax, Old Boots - Heaven Sent (The Dub Old Boots Remix) [Snazzy Traxx].mp3
Soledrifter - Shock Response (Original Mix) [Frosted Recordings].mp3
SoulLab feat. Mogomotsi Chosen - The Message (Original Mix) [King Street Sounds].mp3
Steve Hammer - 1000 Yards (Original Mix) [Cyanide].mp3
Surgery Edits - Get Down Philly [Masterworks Music].mp3
Sweetpower, Johan S - Ladies & Fellas (Johan S Remix) [Subtractive Recordings].mp3
Takashi Kurosawa, Ken Nishimura - You Love It (Original Mix) [Moiss Music].mp3
Tasha LaRae, Jihad Muhammad - Till You Get There [Quantize Recordings].mp3
The Cube Guys - Botoma (Original Mix) [Cube Recordings].mp3
The DangerFeel Newbies - What Am I Here For (NDATL Vocal Danny Krivit Edit) [Defected].mp3
The Harlem Dance Club - The Last Night (Original Mix) [Springbok Records].mp3
The Mekanism - Missing Love  [Needwant].mp3
The Mekanism - Missing Love (Musumeci Remix) [Needwant].mp3
The Silver Rider - Woman [Whiskey Disco].mp3
The Vision - Heaven (feat. Andreya Triana Danny Krivit Edit) [Defected].mp3
The Weather Girls, Norwood, Terri B!, Knox - Cheek to Cheek (Knox Club Mix) [Carrillo Music LLC].mp3
Tom Ellis - For Five (Vertigini Remix) [Nite Grooves].mp3
Tony Zuccaro - Tonight Is Our Night [Moon Rocket Music].mp3
Trilllion - Gizeh (Original Mix) [Wired].mp3
Trimtone - Destiny (Bonetti Remix) [In It Together RecordsIn It Together Records].mp3
Unnayanaa & Irfan Rainy - Taht Min Aini (feat. Ibtisam [Yoruba Soul Remix]) [Borders Of LightBorders Of Light].mp3

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Alan Dixon - La Danza [Running Back]
Bottin - Sage Comme Une Image (Club Mix) [Z Records]
Brothers in Arts - Shenron Wish (Original Mix) [Mood Funk Records]
Buried King - Tryin' to Chill (Extended Mix) [Hot Sunday Records]
Conan Liquid - Hot (Original Mix) [Re-Loved]
Craig Stewart, Andy Edit, Dana Weaver, Kenno - It's Up To Me (Kenno Dub) [Wiggly Worm Records]
Daniele Danieli - Till The Sunrise (Original Mix) [Disco Explosion Records]
Dave Baron & Latouche Finale - Keeps Gettin' Better (Yam Who? Remix) [Midnight Riot]
Fun Kool - Worth That Much [She's Super Disco]
FunkShop, Nadia Gattas - It's My Love [Suppressed Energy]
Get To Know - Sonur (Extended Mix) [Black Riot]
IQ Musique - Just 1 Night [Blu Lace Music]
Ivan Fabra - Moba (Original Mix) [14th Level Of Paradise]
J.B. Boogie - Nightlife [NSoul Records]
J&M Brothers - Discomoog [Good Stuff Recordings]
Jack Le Funk - Clap Your Hands (Original Mix) [Tasty Recordings Digital]
Jacques Renault - I'll Treat You Right [Riverette]
Jerem A - Let's Do It (Original Mix) [Disco Balls Records]
Michal Ho - Too Late (Original Mix) [Music is 4 Lovers]
Morgan Everett - Coromandel Peninsula (Original Mix) [Delve Deeper Recordings]
Munky Fike - Dance In Rio [Tropical Disco Records]
Old Chap - Hey Mister [Hot Digits]
Phil Fuldner, Schwarz 100 - Fever Clip (Extended Mix) [Club Sweat]
Phil Weeks feat. Joe Le Groove - I Want You (Radio Edit) [Robsoul Recordings]
Random Funk, Joey Chicago, Le Babar - Love Me Back [Villes et Fleurs]
SAMO, Seamus Haji -  (You Make Me Feel So Good Seamus Haji Extended Remix) [Big Love]
Sebb Junior - I Saw You Last Night (Extended Mix) [Sub_Urban]
Shady Acres - Phoenix Fur Funk (Original Mix) [Juiced Music]
Shubostar - Galaxy Express (Original Mix) [uju Records]
T.U.R.F. - Bom Dia (Original Mix) [Tilly Jam]
The Stoned - Soul Rockers (Original Mix) [ELECTRIC FRIENDS MUSIC]
Twisted Soul Collective, Natasha Kitty Katt - Love at Zero Hour (Natasha Kitty Kat Mix) [Twisted Soul Collective Records]
Valique - U Turn [Walk of Sound]
We Should Hang Out More - University Avenue [Midnight Riot]
Wurzelholz - Bataan Mestizo (Original Mix) [Sundries Digital]
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